5 Easy Halloween DIY with Pool Noodles

Shannon Cairns

September 11, 2023


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It’s time to bust out the halloween decorations, and the last thing that’s probably on your mind is buying pool noodles! However, after you see these easy halloween DIY with pool noodles, you’ll be searching your local dollar store for any and all pool noodles left in stock. Set those pool noodles aside after the pool is closed, and get ready to make some spooky decorations and halloween crafts with these easy pool noodle hacks. 

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Pool noodle pieces make for some pretty useful crafting materials! They aren’t just for summer anymore! These creative ideas will have you saving up your pool noodles to make holiday decor all year long. 

From spooky candles to easy wreath ideas for your front door, you’ll love all of these easy and fun halloween theme pool noodle DIY projects! The best part about making halloween decorations out of pool noodles is that it’s a super affordable craft. Most items for the DIY’s listed below can be found at your local Dollar Tree or other dollar store…yes, even the pool noodles!

Prepare your home for spooky season and halloween parties without busting the budget, with these 5 super easy Halloween DIY with pool noodles. 

5 Spooky Halloween DIY with Pool Noodles

Grab your pool noodles and get ready for spooky season with these 5 cheap and easy halloween DIY projects.

More Halloween Pool Noodle DIY Projects

  • Pool noodle halloween ghost: These adorable pool noodle ghosts use boots and a pool noodle underneath a sheet to create an easy front porch spooky friend. 
  • Lightsaber pool noodle halloween hacks: Is your family a huge fan of Star Wars, or planning a family costume including Darth Vader and the gang?! Another fun way to use leftover or damaged pool noodles from summer is to turn them into light sabers for your child’s halloween costume. It might be a little annoying to you…but your kids will definitely enjoy using old pool noodles as new play “weapons” this spooky season! 
  • Horse pool noodle halloween hacks: Reimagine your summer pool noodle as part of a child’s halloween costume! It’s another easy way to reuse and save money this halloween. Turn your little one into a cowboy for halloween and create a horse out of your old pool noodle with this tutorial.
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Where to Buy Pool Noodles

You can buy pool noodles for your craft projects at almost any dollar tree or dollar store, however stores like these will usually only have them in stock during the summer months.

You can also buy them online at Amazon pretty much year round. Pool noodles can also be found at most outdoor or sporting good stores like Dick’s, Academy, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.  


Halloween is not just about the spooks and treats—it’s also a season for creativity and fun! With just a few simple materials, namely pool noodles, we’ve discovered five inventive ways to add a touch of originality to our holiday decorations. These DIY projects are not only budget-friendly but also an excellent activity for families to bond over. 

I love the way these pool noodle DIY projects can be made using recycled materials that you already have around the house. Anytime we can keep our crafts budget friendly and reuse things we already have (or are done with for the summer) it’s definitely a WIN!

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The versatility of pool noodles once again proves that with a pinch of imagination, ordinary objects can be transformed into extraordinary Halloween delights. So, as October 31st approaches, why not dive into your creative side and give these DIY ideas a whirl? 

More Easy Halloween DIY Projects:

Will you try one of these extra spooky Halloween DIY with pool noodles projects? I’d love to see your finished project! Make sure to post on social media and tag me @makingfrugalfun so I can see how it went. Let me know in the comments which project is your favorite?!

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