Easy Halloween Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Shannon Cairns

October 9, 2019


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If you’re looking for an easy Halloween craft using items you already have around the house, you’ll love this pumpkin DIY for toddlers and kids.

Easy Pumpkin Craft for Kids
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I love an easy Halloween pumpkin craft for the kids.

We have a lot of kids in our new neighborhood, which we absolutely love.

They often end up crammed in to our tiny 1,019 square foot home, and wondering what we to do…

It’s a good thing I love to come up with cheap and easy craft ideas, or we would be in trouble! ha ha!

This easy pumpkin craft is beyond frugal.

I just used a few things I had around the house, and spent about $3 at the Dollar Tree for anything else I needed.

We have quite the range in ages of kids participating, so I wanted something that would be easy enough for the toddlers, and creative enough for the school age kids.

Everyone had so much fun creating our container pumpkin patch.

More Halloween on a budget:

Cheap & Easy Halloween Pumpkin Craft for Kids


  • Empty containers (Milk cartons, protein cans, laundry detergent, anything you wish to use!)
  • Craft paint
  • Wire ribbon
  • Paint brushes

Frugal Tip: I always get all my craft supplies at The Dollar Tree.

Easy Halloween Pumpkin Crafts
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Optional. I used an old can of white Rustoleum chalked spray paint to put a base coat on the containers. This helped the kids already have a base to paint on.

The tempera paint, that we used to decorate the pumpkins, did not coat or stick too well, and I probably would try acrylic, or a special plastic paint when I do this again.

Easy Pumpkin Crafts for Kids
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Set out the paint and paint brushes, and let the kids go crazy with creativity!

Easy Pumpkin Craft for Kids
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This is seriously the easiest craft ever, and there are no rules.

Every little pumpkin turned out perfectly adorable.

Easy Pumpkin Craft for Kids
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Once the container pumpkins are dry, add faces, and accessories.

I love how the bows turned out on our “girl” pumpkins, especially the pigtails on the laundry detergent container.

Easy Pumpkin Craft for Kids
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Place your container pumpkins out on the porch, and enjoy your cheap and easy Halloween pumpkin patch craft.

Tip: I put a little water inside the containers, so they wouldn’t blow away. You could also add sand or rocks.

This really is the perfect, easy Halloween pumpkin craft for kids.

What will you add to your container pumpkins to make them unique and fun?

Easy DIY Halloween Pumpkin craft for kids
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