20 Easy & Unique DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

Shannon Cairns

August 20, 2021


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It’s a perfect time of year to start bringing out all the Halloween decor! Don’t have any Halloween decor yet? Don’t stress because there are tons of easy ways to create your own DIY Halloween decor ideas, and you can do it on a budget!

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You can create a whole Halloween home on your own with some of the easiest and most creative crafts!

Frugal Tip: Always check your local Dollar Tree (or other dollar store) before going to the craft store because you can usually find everything you need for $1 an item! I absolutely love perusing my dollar tree to get holiday craft inspiration!

DIY Halloween Decor Supplies:

1. $4 Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Wreath

You only need four items to complete this full and festive door wreath! Love all the bright colors used! This is a perfect DIY Halloween decor idea for a front door!

DIY Halloween decor wreath with dollar tree supplies
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2. Mason Jar Spider Lanterns

These easy-to-make lanterns only require three supplies and most of them you can find at your local dollar store!

mason jar with cottonballs and fake spiders inside
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3. Boo Y’all Banner

Print this easy to assemble Halloween banner at home and create a unique welcome to any door, fireplace, or entryway!

Halloween homemade banner idea
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4. Sugar Skull Craft

Take a blank canvas and create something spectacular with this easy to customize sugar skull craft. After you’re done you can use them as table decor or put them on the window sill! The supplies for this one you likely have most of them on hand.

DIY Halloween Decor idea with sugar skull
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5. Halloween Bottle Lights

A great way to upcycle/recycle old bottles into something new! Grab your Halloween stickers and spray paint for this craft.

DIY Halloween Decor Idea made with bottles and lights
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6. Potion Bottle Light Bulbs

Another great way to re-use old burnt-out light bulbs, turn them into potion bottles! (You can also find these bulbs at your local Dollar store sometimes as well.)

Halloween Lightbulbs
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7. Boneyard Lantern

Grab a bag of bones and skulls to create this unique and perfect conversation piece! This lantern looks so cool everyone will want to know where you got it!

DIY Halloween Decor Idea with handmade skull candle holder
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8. Spider Egg Sack

Some Dollar Tree stores have begun stocking yarn which means you can find all the supplies you need there! Create one or many of these DIY spider egg sacks

DIY Halloween Decor Idea with handmade spider web egg sack and fake spider
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9. Happy Halloween Sign

Create this welcoming Halloween sign with your Cricut machine (or other vinyl cutting machine) and regular paint! You will also need a canvas which you can find at your local craft store (or possibly dollar store).

Happy Halloween Sign
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10. Cardboard Haunted Houses

Save those boxes! You can make your very own haunted houses from boxes and black paint! Use them as table decor or set them up on the mantels! These little homes can also hold a battery-powered light too, put them in a window for a festive decor idea.

DIY Halloween Decor Idea with cardboard houses
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11. Halloween Wine Glasses

Take a classic wine glass, turn it upside down, and add some Halloween flair! This adorable wine glass set is perfect for tea light candles!

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12. Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Take something you already have in the house and put a Halloween flair on it! Visit your local stores like Walmart or a craft store and look for the Halloween fabric (save money and look for quilters squares or remnants).

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13. Halloween Table Decor

Take a peek at your local dollar store for some of the supplies needed to make these perfect table decor items! You’ll need a few clear bowls, black paint, and perhaps a candlestick or two!

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14. Bleeding Candle Holders

Make a spooky start with these bleeding candle holders. These are way easier to make than you may think. Grab a glass candle holder and just two shades of paint!

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15. Light Up Pumpkins

Conjure up a bit of porch lighting with this adorable way to re-use old trick-or-treat pumpkins! You’ll need three pumpkins, a string of lights, and a box knife.

DIY Halloween Porch Ideas with plastic pumpkins and lights inside
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16. Hanging Cages

Have any old laundry baskets hanging around? Check out how you can put them together to create these hanging cages that hold any skeleton.

laundry baskets made into cages with fake skeletons inside
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17. Candy Door Hanger

Planning a party or being away for Halloween but want to give out candy still? Make this unique pumpkin door hanger that holds candy and gives a smile!

white pumpkin with mouth to hold candy, mounted on flat board
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18. Spooky Soap

Turn regular old soap into spooky soap by adding eyeballs, spiders, or bones! You just need regular clear soap and your spooky bits

soap container with clear soap and fake eyeballs inside the soap
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19. Washi Tape Pumpkins

Transform plain old black or white or even orange pumpkins into a classical decor item with washi tape! Pick a print or a solid washi tape and along the creases in the pumpkins place your washi tape.

white pumpkins with Halloween themed ribbon
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20. Candy Corn Vases

A fun way to use water beads, create colorful candy corn vases that you can put any Halloween saying on. Or you can leave them blank as the yellow, white, and orange of candy corn.

candy corn water beads layered in glass cylinders
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