Halloween Spider Craft for Kids

Shannon Cairns

October 4, 2019


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You, and your kids, are going to love this easy Halloween Spider craft for toddlers and kids.

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Really, it’s fun for any age or skill level.

You will have to help the kids with the hot glue gun, but the creativity is totally up to them.

I love coming up with fun, cheap, and easy Halloween craft ideas for the kids, and this one did not disappoint.

I hope you’ll try this budget friendly, Dollar Tree Halloween Spider craft with your kids this month.

Happy Crafting!

Halloween Spider Craft for Kids



Pipe Cleaners

Google Eyes

Bells (Pom poms, or any other round item for spider body)

Glue Sticks for Hot Glue Gun

I purchased ALL of these items at the Dollar Tree, for $1 each!

The Dollar Tree is totally my new craft store.

I already had the hot glue gun, but you can grab one almost anywhere, including Amazon.

Halloween spider crafts for toddlers
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We found lots of spider craft inspiration on Pinterest, most of the projects used pom poms for the spider body, but we weren’t able to find large pom poms at the Dollar Tree.

We wanted to stick to our frugal budget for this project, so we decided to find something else that would work.

Christmas decor is already out (lawd help us), so we grabbed some decorative bells and decided to spray paint them black, with some old paint that we already had in the garage.

Halloween spider crafts for toddlers
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Once the bells were dry, we took them back inside and started to construct our spiders!

Halloween spider crafts for toddlers
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I set up a station with beads, google eyes, and pipe cleaners, and let the kids have at it.

They let me know when they were ready to glue, and I controlled the hot glue gun for the finishing touches.

Halloween spider crafts for toddlers
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As you can see, this is a great craft for any age or skill level.

We even love our three, and six legged spiders just the same.

Halloween spider crafts for toddlers
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These cheap and easy Halloween spiders turned out just adorable, and the kids loved this Saturday morning craft project.

Perfect for the crisp fall mornings ahead with your little ones.

Did you try this cheap and easy Halloween spider craft idea for toddlers?

What are some of your favorite budget friendly, dollar store craft ideas for kids? Let me know!

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