20 Cheap and Easy DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

Shannon Cairns

August 15, 2021


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Are you working with a budget this Halloween season, but want to create a really special Halloween costume for the kids? Do you have a big craft supply storage you can rummage through? Then check out these easy DIY Kids Halloween Costumes you can make at home!

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Why spend a ton of money on something they only wear for one night? Often the handmade costumes even last longer and the kids love them more!

DIY Halloween Costume Supplies

If you have any of these DIY and craft supplies around the house, they can make the perfect jumping off point for these easy costumes. You can also grab quite a few of these supplies for only a buck at the Dollar Tree, or order them on Amazon (or other craft stores).

1. Girls Super Hero Costume

Super Heroes aren’t just for boys these days, now you can create a colorful costume that they’re sure to love. You just need a solid-colored shirt, glitter foam, an elastic band, and tulle to complete this look.

You can use what you have at home and create an amazing DIY Halloween Costume for kids on a budget! #halloween #costumes #kids
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2. LEGO Costume

Need a last-minute DIY Halloween costume idea? This LEGO costume is super easy to do and the best part is if you have multiple kids you can do different colors! (You just need cardboard, spray paint, and cups!)

Lego costume for kids
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3. Doll in a Box Costume

Such a cute idea to do with a current doll love! You can customize the front for their favorite doll, like American Doll, Barbie, or others. You just need cardboard, paint, and your background (if you want one or you could just paint it).

DIY Halloween Costume for Kids, doll in box costume
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4. Homemade Captain America Costume

Captain America will likely always be popular with the kids and now you can make their own DIY Halloween costume. Honestly, it’ll likely get used far past Halloween too.

homemade captain american costume for DIY kids halloween costume
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5. DIY Dragon Wings

This dragon costume is a bit more complex, you’ll need specific fabric to make it happen. BUT how cool does it look!? With Halloween approaching, check your local fabric store for their Halloween fabrics.

DIY Kids Halloween Costumes, dragonscales costume
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6. DIY Donut Costume

First, this costume is adorable! Plus you can customize it to whatever colors you want! Make it a frosted donut OR a colorful cookie monster blue with sprinkles or cereal on top! You can use remnant fabric for sprinkles or yarn!

handmade donut costume for DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids
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7. DIY Maui Costume (Moana)

Moana is still super popular BUT it’s not often you see a Maui costume! If you don’t have a Cricut machine you can use black paint and print out Maui’s tattoos as a stencil. Use scrap felt for the leaves and thread for the stitching.

Disney Maui DIY Halloween Costume for Kids
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8. Star Wars Luke Skywalker Costume

Star Wars is always going to be a classic costume! You only need a few supplies to create this Luke Skywalker costume, super easy! Make sure you grab a foam pool noodle now though before they are gone for the year!

Star Wars Homemade Costume for Kids
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9. Harry Potter Robe

This is a genius Halloween costume and it doesn’t break the bank. If you buy one of these robes at Universal, they’re about $100+ each! Get the FREE pattern on how to make this Harry Potter robe and I bet you’ll be seeing it more than just at Halloween

handmade halloween costume
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10. DIY Fortnite Costume

Continue their love of all things Fortnite with a homemade Halloween Costume! This costume will take some planning, BUT if you know someone who owns a black pair of coveralls AND a bikers helmet, you’re almost done!

Fornite character costume
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11. Homemade Squirtle Costume

Everyone loves a Pokemon! If you have a little one that would make an adorable Squirtle, this DIY Halloween costume is perfect! You need a light blue solid-colored jacket, felt, and some black thread!

light blue squirtle halloween costume
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12. Minecraft Creeper Costume

Being a Minecraft Creeper is always fun, it’s super easy to make, and fun to play. This DIY has a free Minecraft Creeper mask you can print and after that, you need a cardboard box and different shades of green felt for a body!

minecraft creeper halloween costume
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13. DIY Thor Costume

By Thor’s Hammer! This may seem like a complex costume but it’s super easy! You need grey foam or felt for the designs on the chest, solid black shirt and pants, and a red cape made from fabric!

Homemade Thor Halloween Costume
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14. No Sew Bat Costume

Do you have a little creature of the night to make a costume for? This DIY Bat Costume is adorable and easy to create. You need a solid black outfit and then a large piece of black felt or even black lace, and sewing thread!

all black bat halloween costume
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15. Haunted House Costume

Got an extra cardboard box laying around? Then you’ve got an easy DIY Haunted House costume to make! This is a great way to reuse an old box and let them be creative in designing and coloring it too! You can add bats, ghosts, and goblins and all you need is white paint, black paint, and maybe some tape!

DIY haunted house halloween costume
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16. Care Bears Costumes

Whether the kids are little or big they could always use some Care Bear Stare to scare those monsters away! You only need a solid-colored outfit of your choice and then felt or fabric to piece together whichever Care Bear they want to be.

handmade care bear costume idea
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17. DIY Pac Man Costume

Keep it classic with this old-school gaming costume. You just need cardboard, paint, and tape or a hot glue gun to piece this costume together!

pac man old school halloween costume
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18. Mario and Luigi Costumes

For some reason, Mario and Luigi are still pretty popular with the kids and now you can make the pair at home! This one might take some sewing skills but if you can find jean overalls that might take some of the work out of it.

mario and luigi costume idea
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19. Snail Costume

Remember all that excessive brown packaging paper you’ve been getting? Make it into a snail costume! The kids can decorate their “shells” however they want and it’s a super easy costume to put together.

snail costume made with brown paper
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20. Jellyfish Costume

A Jellyfish isn’t something you see out of water that often but boy are they cute! There are a couple of different ways you can make this one and if you can find a clear umbrella, use that, it makes it super quick and easy!

jellyfish costume
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