20 Easy Halloween Candy Corn Recipes

Shannon Cairns

August 8, 2021


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It’s that time of year, candy corn time! Over the years candy corn has grown into so much more than just a Fall candy. Now there are different flavors of candy corn, crafts, recipes using the candy and so much more.

Get into the feeling of Fall by creating your own candy corn heaven with recipes the whole family can make together.

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Candy Corn Recipe Supplies:

1. Candy Corn Cotton Candy

This recipe does call for the use of a cotton candy machine BUT it’s so worth it for the final result! Plus it’s an investment you can use over and over (make themed cotton candy for every holiday!) It’s also perfect to make for school fall festivals too!

orange, yellow, and white candy corn cotton candy in clear plastic bag
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2. Candy Corn Cookie Bars

Want a last-minute dessert idea that uses up the candy corn? These candy corn cookie bars can be made in a 9×13 baking pan and one batch makes enough for a larger group of kids (or adults) depending on how you slice the pieces.

candy corn and chocolate pieces baked into square cookie bars
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3. Candy Corn Parfait

Keep it festive and healthy! This creative fruity dessert actually is made from real pineapple and oranges, then topped with whipped cream! Super quick and easy to make!

pineapple, oranges, and whipped cream layered in glass cup.
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4. Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

Combine two desserts in one with these candy corn sugar cookies. Super easy to make and the kids can help the whole time! In total it only takes about 35 minutes to go from scratch to ready to eat (not including cool-off time). Mix it up and use some of the new candy corn flavors for different kinds of cookies.

sugar cookies baked with candy corn candy pieces in the middle
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5. Candy Corn Popsicles

Stay cool and enjoy these seasonal treats that are super easy to make! You only need four ingredients and popsicle molds to make these. Use your best fresh fruit and combine with coconut water and then freeze.

layered fresh fruit mixed with coconut water to make popsicles
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6. Candy Corn Pudding Parfaits

Another easy-to-make dessert idea for Halloween, these candy corn pudding parfaits only require four ingredients! You can choose from different flavors in yellow and orange (like banana and orange sherbert) pudding to mix up the recipe. Top with whipped cream and it’s ready to eat!

yellow, orange, and white topping pudding desserts in glass cup
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7. Candy Corn Pretzels

Combine sweet and salty when you create the crunchy candy corn pretzels. You can get your supplies at your local big-box store (or try Aldi’s for cheaper options). One batch of supplies makes a whole bunch of these pretzels rods, perfect for school parties or at-home Halloween party snacks.

candy corn themed chocolate covered pretzel sticks
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8. Candy Corn Quesadillas

Make the whole meal candy corn themed with these easy-to-make quesadillas! There’s actually no real candy corn used in these, the trick is finding three different colored kinds of cheese to use in these. One batch of ingredients will make six quesadillas.

white, orange, and light orange layered cheese on top of quesadilla
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9. Candy Corn Fudge

Love fudge? Want a festive way to make it for Halloween? Here’s a fun candy corn fudge recipe that only needs four ingredients to make! Great idea for Halloween parties too!

white, orange, and yellow layered fudge squares
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10. Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats

Turn a classic treat into something festive for Halloween, with these candy corn rice krispie treats! Super easy to make and the kids can help make them too!

triangle rice krispie treats with chocolate layered in white, yellow, and orange colors on top
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11. Candy Corn Pretzels

Much like the candy corn pretzel rods, these regular pretzels are dipped in colored chocolate. You only need your three different colored chocolates and pretzels! You can make a TON of these from just one bag of pretzels so it’s a great party snack!

small pretzels covered with orange, yellow, and white chocolate
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12. Candy Corn Bark

Candy bark is another super easy and quick dessert idea. Add your candy corn to create an extra pop and then the fun part is breaking it into pieces!

chocolate bark topped with candy corn pieces
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13. Candy Corn Muddy Buddies

While it goes by many names, it’s always delicious. You can make your own homemade candy corn muddy buddies (or puppy chow)! You can mix and match the cereal you use but the key is the powdered sugar! Make the perfect sweet and salty Halloween snack that’ll fly out of the bowls!

classic muddy buddy recipe with candy corn added
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14. Candy Corn Waffles

It looks way better than it sounds, I promise! So there’s not any actual candy corn used in these candy corn waffles, it’s food coloring. You can create something festive and fun for the kids to enjoy in October with these breakfast ideas.

triangle waffle pieces with layered yellow, orange, and white sections
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15. Mini Candy Corn Cakes

If you don’t like the huge pieces of a traditional cake, then you’ll love these mini candy corn cakes! You can use a regular cake mix and then just separate it into three batches and use food coloring to dye the cake mix.

mini round cakes with yellow, orange, and white layers
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16. Candy Corn Pinata Cookies

Just in case regular cookies aren’t enough, create something everyone will get a kick out of with these awesome candy corn pinata cookies! There are a few more steps to make these than with regular cookies, but it’s so worth it!

triangle cut cookies with yellow, orange, and white layers
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17. Mini Candy Corn Cheesecakes

Need another reason to love cheesecake even more? Make it candy corn themed! You need 6 ingredients to make the cheesecake mixture and then your food coloring for the layers. Then just let it sit in the fridge like normal cheesecake and enjoy it when done!

Layered cupcake with yellow, orange, and white sections. topped with orange icing and edible ghost candy
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18. Candy Corn Meringue Cookies

Surprise everyone with a meringue cookie with a twist! These Halloween-themed candy corn meringue cookies are easy to make! It takes about an hour to make this candy corn recipe from start to finish and there are a couple of different ways you can make them. Grab the kids and get to baking!

yellow, orange, and white cookie mix
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19. Candy Corn Swirl Cookies

These candy corn cookies are made a bit different than traditional sugar cookies but it’s so cool to see the colors combine! The kids can help flatten the cookie dough while you cut the finished dough before baking. One batch of ingredients makes 24 cookies.

Pinwheel design candy corn colored cookie dough
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20. Candy Corn Marshmallows

Super frugal and easy candy corn treat! You just need marshmallows, white chocolate wafers, and food coloring to make these adorable candy corn marshmallows!

white marshmallow layered with orange and yellow chcolate
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