22 Free Printable Budget Trackers

Shannon Cairns

February 26, 2023


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I hope you enjoy these 14 free printable budget trackers! Make sure to check out my free printable budget worksheets here!

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If you’re like most people, you probably cringe (or maybe even cry), when you hear the word budget.

Practically my whole life, I thought of a budget as something for people that didn’t have much money.

“I’m going to be a doctor”, I thought to myself. “Who needs a budget, with all the money I’ll be rolling around in?!” Ha. Ha. Oh, Shannon…

This is probably why I have over half a million dollars in student loan debt. Don’t be like broke Shannon. Learn from my mistakes instead!

I now understand that it’s actually all people that need a budget, especially the wealthy (or people that wish to someday be wealthy!)

Knowing and tracking your monthly expenses is by far the most important thing if you want financial freedom!

The free printables below are a great way to track your spending habits and have more money at the end of the month.

This image shows a woman writing on a printable monthly budget tracker.
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Why do I need a Printable Budget Tracker?

A budget is actually permission to spend. It doesn’t need to feel like a huge restriction on your life.

If you have a budget, you know exactly where your money is going each month. This has the opposite effect of restraining, and is instead quite freeing!

Writing down your budget each month, and using a printable budget tracker to make sure you’re sticking to your plan, is the BEST way to save money and reach your financial goals!

The first time I sat down with my husband and did a real budget, we actually felt like we had more money!

We realized where we had been wasting money, and found places that we could easily cut back on our spending.

The budget even allowed for fun money, clothing money, and eating out.

Instead of feeling guilty about spending money on these things, we felt great about it because it was in the budget, and we knew we could afford it.

Free Printable Budget Tracker

In my efforts to make our budget just as CUTE as it is FUNCTIONAL, I ran across some amazing free budget printables, templates, and trackers.

I also created my own pack of free budgeting printables just for YOU! You can sign up here and the 8 page budget workbook will be delivered right to your inbox! Enjoy!

This photo shows a desktop with a printable budget planner placed in a binder, with a calculator, laptop, and cup of coffee. The image advertises a free budget planner that you can sign up for on my blog.
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Best Free Printable Budget Templates

Check these out, and scoop up whichever one will look adorable in your planner or on your fridge.

If you’re more of a digital budget person, check out my favorite personal finance apps here.

Start budgeting, and see for yourself how quickly you can change your life and wallet!

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22 Free Budget Printables & Templates for You!

How to Use a Free Printable Budget Planner

Using is one of the easiest ways to take control of your finances! If you’re feeling overwhelmed as you stare at your bank account, have no fear! I’m here to help you keep track of your finances with some easy to use budgeting worksheets.

  1. First, Download and print your favorite budget planner templates for personal use, or grab my free printable budget binder by entering your email address here!
  2. Once you have your free download the first step is to figure out your total income for the month. Remember, this is ALL you have to work with. If your expenses are more than this then we know we need to get rid of some things.
  3. Next, figure out all of your monthly bills and write each of them on your monthly budget template. A great way to do this is to print out your bank statements from the last 3 to 6 months (longer if you have a lot of variable expenses) so you can have a better idea of the actual amount you are spending each month.
  4. Then, look through those credit card statements, loan documents, and credit reports, and figure out how much you owe in debt payments each month.
this photo shows a desktop with a printable budget planner and a hand on a calculator with a cup of coffee, showing the cover of the free budget planner offered on my blog.
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Budget Planning on a Low Income

This is when you might be realizing that there’s not enough money to tackle your expenses, much less start to pay down debt. Don’t worry! You can still do this!

There are ways to make your budget work on a low income! If you’re struggling to even make your minimum debt payments, it’s ok to stop give your hard earned cash to those credit cards, and instead make sure you can pay your utility bills and make it to the grocery store.

If you find that you can’t even keep the lights on or afford food, it’s time to get drastic with your budget categories!

  • Stop contributing anything to your retirement account
  • Don’t pay anything extra to debt
  • No need to worry about filling those savings accounts
  • Take a hard look at the different categories in your budget and see what can be cut out immediately (subsciptions, streaming services, restaurants, etc).
  • Pay your four walls (this is something I learned from Dave Ramsey, which basically means make sure your family can eat, pay utilities, access transportation to keep going to work, and pay your rent or mortgage).


You’ll want to do a budget on a monthly basis. In other words, don’t try to make February’s budget work for December…you’ll just end up getting frustrated! You need a new and fresh budget for every month.

Are you ready to start using a monthly budget tracker to take control of your finances this year? Do you prefer paper and pen, or would you rather use a budgeting app? Let me know in the comments and make sure you my free family budget planner and cash envelope system here!

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