Best Personal Finance Apps 2019

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Do you prefer a personal finance app over a paper and pen budgeting method? Then you might be looking for the best personal finance apps to help organize and manage your finances! Look no further, I have listed the best personal finance apps in every financial category you can imagine. Whether you are looking for a rebate app to help you save money on groceries, or a personal finance app to completely overhaul your investment strategy, you will find it here!

Best Personal Finance Apps
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Best Personal Finance Apps for Budgeting

These are the best personal finance apps to help you create a budget, stick to the budget, and grasp an overall picture of your personal finances.

Mint App

The Mint app connects to your bank accounts so you can track and categorize your spending.

  • Cost:  Free, Start here.
  • Unique Features:  Bill pay alerts, free credit checks and updates, keep all of your accounts in one place, track your net worth.

Personal Capital App

The Personal Capital app allows you to view all of your accounts in one place, and also provides wealth management and retirement planning.

  • Cost:  Small fees for wealth management, start here.
  • Unique Features:  Fee analyzer to see where you can save on mutual fund fees, investment checkup, and retirement planner.

YNAB App (You Need a Budget)

  • Cost:  Free Trial for 34 days here, then $7/month.
  • Unique Features:  Teaches you the skills you need to budget, pay off debt, and save.

EveryDollar App (Dave Ramsey)

  • Cost:  Free, Start here. Upgrade to EveryDollar Plus to connect budget with your bank for $99/year.
  • Unique Features: Add income, plan a budget with “every dollar”, track spending, and set savings and debt payoff goals.

Spendee App

Manage all of your accounts, even e-wallets and crytocurrencies.

  • Cost:  Free app, download here.  2.99/month for Spendee Premium plan for more features (like bank connectivity)
  • Unique Features:  Share “wallets” among family members or room mates.  Bank connectivity, E-Wallet and Cryto Wallect connections.  Multiple currencies, great for travelers!

Mobills App

This is a great app for people that love visuals like charts and graphs.

  • Cost:  Free, Pro version for 24.99/year with access to more features.  Start here.
  • Unique Features:  See where you are spending your money with specialized charts.

Monefy App

Easy to use expense tracker and budgets.  Download here.

  • Cost:  Free, Pro version 2.99/month
  • Unique Features:  One tap category icons makes sorting expenses fast and easy!

Proactive budget

Cash envelope system for digital people!  Download here.

  • Cost: 15 day free trial, $5.75/month
  • Unique Features:  Very different than most budgeting apps I’ve seen.  Categorize your “extra” spending like you would with cash envelopes.  You have a card that goes with the app.  Activate the spending category that you want to use (it will stay active for 30 minutes), then swipe your card.  It will deduct the money from that “envelope category”.

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Personal finance app that helps you compare income to expenses and understand exactly where your money goes.

  • Cost:  Free, Download here.
  • Unique Features: Create a budget, track expenses, set and achieve goals, save receipts


“A time machine for your money!” Cost: Free, Basic, and Super Plans.  Download here. Unique Features:  Allows you to see a forecast of your spending for better planning and management.

Pocket guard

  • Cost:  Free and Plus Plan, Start here.
  • Unique Features:  Store credit cards and accounts in one place.  Keep track of cash.

Prism App

Bill payment tracker and reminder app.

  • Cost:  Free, Start here.
  • Unique Features:  Keep organized, avoid late fees and missed payments.

Clarity Money App

  • Cost:  Free, download here.
  • Unique Features:  Track finances, cancel subscriptions, and deliver insights.

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Best Personal Finance Apps for Investing


  • Cost:  $1/month for most basic plan, download here.
  • Unique Features:  Allows you to invest your spare change on autopilot.

Robin Hood

  • Cost:  $5/month, download here.
  • Unique Features: Invest in stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies.


  • Cost:  Annual fee of 0.25% or 0.40%, start here.
  • Unique Features:  Investment opportunities for beginner to advanced.


  • Cost:  Fees when you buy or sell currency, download here.
  • Unique Features:  Cryptocurrency management app to buy and sell digital currency.

Best Personal Finance Apps for Book keeping and Small Business


Job tracker for freelancers.

  • Cost:  Free app, in app purchases available.  Start here.
  • Unique Features:  Quick and easy bookkeeping and job organization for freelance workers and entrepreneurs.


Easy to use book keeping software to organize your small business.

  • Cost:  Starting as low as $15/month with a 30 day free trial, here.
  • Unique Features:  Invoicing, track expenses.  Does not allow automatic importing of income from bank.


Well known book keeping software for small business.

  • Cost:  Tiered levels depending on size of business and needs, start here.
  • Unique Features:  Sophisticated.  Ability to allow accountant access to your books.


See the whole financial picture, and manage small business.

  • Cost: Different tier levels of cost based on needs, start here.
  • Unique Features:  Experience (company has been around for over 30 years)

Best Personal Finance Apps for Sending and Receiving Payments

Best Personal Finance Apps for Saving Money with Coupons and Rebates

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Best Personal Finance Apps for finding Refunds and Price Match

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