16 Decluttering Challenges with Free Printables

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There’s nothing like a decluttering challenge with free printables to motivate you to get your home in order!

When we moved our family of 5 into our 1,019 square foot home in order to cut our family expenses and pay off debt faster, we knew we were going to have to get rid of some things.

And we did! We got rid of SO much stuff! Three thousand square feet worth of furniture, toys, papers, books, and more.

I thought it would be sad to get rid of so much of our belongings, but we actually felt more FREE when it was all said and done.

Not only are we able to keep our small home clean much more easily now, but we made almost “,000 at our garage sale (which we were able to throw at our debt).

Whether you’re downsizing to pay off debt, or you simply feel like there’s just too much clutter in your home, you will absolutely love these fun and easy decluttering challenge ideas.

These amazingly organized women, break down the task of decluttering into small bites, so you can declutter your home without feeling overwhelmed.

Enjoy these free decluttering challenges with printable checklists, for a more organized home today!

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I hope you enjoy these decluttering challenge ideas with free printables to help you stay motivated on your organizing journey!

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