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Are you looking for affordable storage ideas to organize your home on a budget?

Organizing can be so expensive, with all of the options for containers, baskets, bins, and hooks.

It can all be a bit overwhelming!

Affordable Storage Ideas
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I absolutely love organizing and finding affordable storage ideas that fit within any budget.

We recently moved into a small home to save money, and pay off debt!

Staying organized is extra important in a small space, but sticking to affordable storage ideas is also a must when you’re on a budget!

Luckily, I found quite a few amazing affordable storage ideas for your home!


Small Space Organizing on a Budget

Cheap or Free DIY Organizing Hacks

17 Affordable Storage Ideas for Your Home

Affordable Storage Ideas for Your Laundry Room

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These canisters are a perfect storage option for laundry detergent because they are clear so you can see if you are running low!  I love the simple, modern look, and can think of a million ways to use them in my home to stay organized.

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I love the chic look of these rope baskets!  You get two in this set, making them super budget friendly.  These would be amazing for disguising laundry in a bedroom, or to organize extra supplies in a laundry room or linen closet.

Affordable Storage Ideas for Toys

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I am loving these clear bins to store puzzles, games, and other toys that come with ALL the parts!  These come in a pack of 4, making them a great deal for the price.

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You can never have enough storage bins like these in your home.  Kid’s rooms especially need plenty of cute, cheap storage ideas for toys, so you can distract yourself from the clutter.

Affordable Kitchen Storage Ideas

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These storage containers for the pantry are budget friendly, and perfect to keep your food organized.  The struggle is real to keep the pantry organized in our house!  Little hands are always looking for snacks, and moving things around.  I used to think pantry storage containers like these were not necessary.  Now that we are cooking at home to save money, I love being able to see if we are running low on something without having to open every box.

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Clear bins, like these, could be used almost anywhere in the house, but I think they are perfect for pantry organization and also for the refrigerator!

Affordable Garage Storage Ideas

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Garage storage is really important to us right now!  Since we are in such a small space, with few closets and cabinets, we are utilizing the garage for most of our storage.  Cleaning supplies like brooms, mops, and dust pans can be a real mess, so I love that this simple rack is such a budget friendly solution to the problem.

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This drawer storage cabinet is perfect for tiny items like nails, hardware, craft supplies, or any other small item that never seems to have a place!

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These stackable organizing containers are quite possibly the biggest bang for your buck, and the most versatile.  You could use them in any room of the house.

A few ideas of where you could use these budget friendly containers are:

  • Tool and Hardware Storage
  • Craft supplies
  • Classroom Organization
  • Bathroom Under the Cabinet Organization
  • Cleaning Supplies (sponges, brushes, rags)
  •  Toy Storage

Affordable Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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This large under the bed storage organizer is perfect for utilizing every spot in your small space!

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We have a major shortage of linen closets in our small home.  These storage bags are great for storing extra blankets and towels that you might be keeping around for guests.

Affordable Storage Ideas for Closets

There are a lot of cheap and versatile storage ideas for closets!  It can be a bit overwhelming!   Here are some of my favorites and most budget friendly.

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I love the “bang for your buck” that you get with these shoe organizers.  They are made to store shoes, but you can use these all over the house to organize various items at a great price.

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These large gray storage bins are a beautiful and functional option for storing out of season clothing, or outgrown children’s clothing that you plan to hand down.

Affordable Storage Ideas for Shelves

These adorable boxes and bins, help to contain the chaos on shelves in bedrooms, closets, or living areas.

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I love the print on these fabric bins.  These would work great on a living room shelf to hide toys or electronics.

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I have simple white baskets, like these, in every room of the house.  They are great “catch-all” baskets for toys and games, or use them to organize small kitchen items like sippy cups, bottles, and bibs.  This a great price for a set of 4!

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I can’t get over how gorgeously high end these budget friendly open storage containers look!  Perfect for blankets, toys, or other items you want to hide away in your living area.

Affordable Storage Ideas for Bathrooms

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These clear bins are the perfect width for keeping tissue boxes, makeup, hand soap, and towels super organized, in your bathroom.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have an organized home!  I hope these affordable storage ideas inspire you to have fun organizing on a budget.

P.S.  Make sure to grab my free budgeting printables so you can organize your finances and STAY ON BUDGET!

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