Easy Homemade Christmas Gift Basket DIY Ideas

Shannon Cairns

December 8, 2021


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Purchasing a gift basket this holiday season is easy, but it just feels very detached, and expensive too. Instead of wasting a small fortune looking for Christmas baskets, why don’t you create one for yourself for half the price with items tailor-made for friends and family? Here are some homemade Christmas basket ideas for you!

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Holidays always take up a big chunk of our wallets, from holiday food to gifts, we just can’t seem to stop spending! Which in my book is such a big no-no. This season should be filled with fun, excitement, and happiness without breaking the bank!

We don’t want to end Christmas worrying about what we have left, right?

So if you’re looking for heartfelt ways to make customized presents to put in your holiday gift baskets, here are some amazing ideas you can try! Whether you’re in the market for a gift for Mom, for Dad, for your loving friend, a long distant cousin, or for your lovers’ gift baskets, there’s sure to be something in this list for you!

From sweet treats to artistic hobbies, I’ve gathered quite a few DIY Christmas gift ideas for your basket. Read on to find out more.

Homemade Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

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Coffee Gift Basket

I am starting this list for the coffee lovers out there. Show some love for these enthusiasts with a bag or two of their favorite beans. A clever coffee mug, one that could double as a plant or pencil holder is a bright idea that I love as well. The cocoa variety is a nice addition for their sweet tooth too!

Nail Salon Gift Basket

Present the spa experience at home with self-care that is wrapped up inside a basket. Putting a nail set in the basket will make them feel like a million bucks! With items, you handpicked for them. Start with a few tools and some shades they usually love to wear all around.

Car Lovers Gift Basket

You already have an idea who we’re shopping for this one – the person who spends an inordinate amount of time in their car, pampering it, someone who adores their car to no end. For the car lover, give them a gift basket full of goodies for their car. Windsor protectors, emergency kits, air fresheners, or a flashlight are some ideas!

Spice and Seasoning Gift Basket

Home cooks would make so much use of this basket! Show that chef your appreciation by putting in the best (but cheap) spices and seasonings inside this basket. Making gourmet food will now be a breeze for them with this idea.

Candle Gift Basket

A homemade gift basket filled with various candles can be assembled in so many ways. There are a lot of dinner plates or wall mirrors from thrift stores that you can source out as the foundation or display for the candles. Dollar stores, overstock outlets, or your local Ikea has a lot of inexpensive block and scented candles that are good in quality.

Wine Lovers Gift Basket

Give your wine-enthusiast friend a care package that will always come in handy for them. Leave the wine choosing to the expert since you don’t want the drink to go to waste! What you’re left to do is give them a wine-themed kitchen towel, there are also not too many corkscrews to go around, sturdy wine tumblers are also a lifesaver, and some dark chocolate to complement their wine.

Beer Drinkers Gift Basket

Beer lovers love a good brew, but they cherish the value of good tools too. A set of pint glasses will be a great addition to their collection or display at home, a good book to complement their drinking sesh is perfect as well, and lastly, add a gift certificate to their favorite local brewery!

Tea Gift Basket

As you wander around the aisles of your grocery or specialty store, you’ll find plenty of affordable choices, lots of them sold in reusable decorative tins too. Add a bit of fancifulness with an unusual set of cups and saucer combinations from your local thrift stores, garage sales, or flea markets!

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Drawing and Coloring Gift Basket

A collection of useful art supplies will get your receiver’s creative juices flowing. Get blank sketch pads at available art and office supply stores for a drawing kit, a box of pencils, black sketching pencils, plus a box of oil and watercolor paint, and markers. It sounds so simple but they will appreciate this!

Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

Who wouldn’t want a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a cold evening in their gift boxes? This gift set adorably goes along with a decorative mug. For a more intricate gift, place two mugs inside a larger case, along with multiple packets of hot cocoa, some marshmallows, and you’re good to go!

Creating a homemade gift basket for your loved ones shouldn’t cause a headache or something that will rip your whole budget for the month. You can still show love and appreciation even with the little things.

By doing your own gift basket carefully crafted for each individual you’re gifting it to, not only does it saves you a couple of bucks, it all comes with a lot of thought and heart too.

Which DIY Christmas gift basked idea do you love the most?

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