Easy DIY Christmas Party Goodie Bags & Treat Bag Ideas for Kids

Shannon Cairns

December 6, 2021


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It’s finally the Christmas season! Cold, fresh air, sweaters, holiday treats, and lots and lots of gifts from your loved ones. If you’re having a holiday party and are looking for ideas that you can give to your guests as a token of your appreciation, you should try these Christmas gift bags.

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Christmas comes once a year and is considered as one of the most special holidays, thus everyone gets excited about it. One of the best things about it is people preparing and receiving gifts!

Gift-giving can be a lot of fun but preparation can also be tedious and overwhelming, especially if you have to consider a lot of factors like gender, age, or even someone’s preferred color. But there can be a lot of tips and tricks to go around it!

Goodie bags can be the most common treats a kid can get for Christmas and we can all become Santa by giving creative goodie bags for these kids! At the end of the day, you would always feel the spirit of Christmas more by seeing a child smile. 

We all love a good Christmas treat but they don’t have to be too expensive or take up all of your budget for your holiday gift, so these holiday goodie bags filled with candy treats are sure to be helpful for you!

These Christmas treat bags don’t have to be just for the little ones, of course, you can place them in some of your family’s favorite candies or chocolates without them knowing for a creative surprise.

It’s so easy to make these DIY goodie bags for xmas, but if you’re still on the fence on what Christmas candy or tidbits to put inside, I hope these ideas help!

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What can you put inside the goodie bags aside from candy?

  • Christmas sticker sheet
  • Play-Doh containers
  • Book of Christmas mazes
  • Free printable Christmas words search
  • Cute snowman ornaments for the Christmas tree
  • Candy can lip balms

Goodie bags may look simple but you can always be extra thoughtful about it. Aside from the common sugary and salty snacks inside it, you can also put in things that are usable and lasting for kids. In other words, something that won’t easily break the first time it is used or things that won’t easily get lost once outside the bag.    

Gifts inside the goodie bags don’t have to be expensive, it could be something as simple as a small journal that kids can start writing on, a curly straw, and a few Tootsie rolls or other candies. As long as kids would be able to use it over time while enjoying a few snacks. 

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Make your Christmas party more memorable with these adorable keepsake items! Cello bags are considerable options to use to put in these treats as well. Yes, cellophane treat bags can be used, it’s totally cheap and perfect for the holiday season because they also have red and green choices.

These goodie bags are so simple, easy, and low cost. I can’t wait to see you use this for your holiday gathering this Christmas!

Will you be making these goodies treat bags for your loved ones next?

Christmas Goodie Bag Ideas for Parties

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