Easy DIY Paper Christmas Decorations to Make at Home

Shannon Cairns

December 6, 2021


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Check out how you can create this beautiful and easy DIY paper Christmas decoration for kids and adults alike. If you’re looking for 5-minute crafts that don’t take too much effort, then this one is for you!

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Who doesn’t love having their Christmas tree loaded with paper decorations specially handcrafted by you and your kids? This paper tree decor with gorgeous Christmas designs is super uncomplicated to make, and you can decorate a whole tree in no time at almost no cost!

Christmas tree ornaments can be pricey, and the way we use them once a year at a certain season is not really that much worthy to invest in. With all the trends and the ever-changing style each year brings, we can’t really keep up with it mostly.

That’s where this easy paper decoration comes in handy. You can easily customize this to what design or color you want depending on what you feel like the trend is for this season.

Are you ready to make this easy paper Christmas ornament? This is the perfect DIY project for you if you’re on the hunt for low-priced DIY Christmas crafts that takes a small amount of time to make!

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Does this sound like a great idea? Grab some paper, any kind from scrapbook paper to wrapping paper, or tissue paper, and some scissors, and let’s get to crafting!

Materials Needed to Make DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments

  • Paper
  • Metallic Strings, Hemp Twine, Peppermint Twine, or Thin Ribbons
  • Small Wood Beads
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors
  • Printer
  • Free Designs you can download

Steps to Make Christmas Paper Decorations

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Step 1:

Print and cut the paper ornament designs that you chose. Use a printer and then cut the outline. You can either reduce the size to make smaller paper ornaments or increase it, print it on two sheets to create a larger one.

Step 2:

Using a cylindrical object, like a chapstick, curl each petal bit. The purpose of this is so that it will be much easier to glue the paper crafts into a ball shape. There will be 6 petals total and you will be gluing them into 3 pairs.

Place a small dab of glue on the first petal, take the opposite petal then glue them together at the top. Continue with the next two pairs of petals until you’re done with everything.

Step 3:

And you’re done! Get your strings, attach some embellishments, and you have your holiday decorations for your Christmas tree.

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It’s that simple! There are a lot of ways to decorate these DIY ornaments from paper for your Christmas tree. Be creative and don’t hold back. I love how this can double as home decor as well that your kids can help you craft.

Hang them in your Christmas tree, some branches you have laying at home that you found outside or bought at a garage sale, or on top of a shelf as a centerpiece. 

Now you don’t have to scratch your head thinking about your next DIY project for Christmas!

Will you be making these easy Christmas paper decorations at home this year?

DIY Paper Craft Christmas Decorations

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