Halloween Scavenger Hunt

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Get this free printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt to add a little fun to spooky season! Use this leading up to Halloween, or as a way to help kids have fun while they wait to dress up and trick-or-treat!

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Halloween time with kids is just so much fun! We always love going to pumpkin patches, and kid-friendly haunted houses, and we like to make spooky food (even Halloween milkshakes!)

We always brainstorm together to pick Halloween costumes, and most of the time we come up with awesome DIY Halloween costume ideas and have a ton of fun putting them together!

My kids also love scavenger hunts this time of year. They’re great to do outside, or in the car, or sometimes even in the grocery store! This printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt for kids is so much fun and you can change how it’s played each time!

Free Printable: Halloween Scavenger Hunt

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    Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Halloween

    Use these scavenger hunt ideas for Halloween this year:

    • Home Tour. Drive around decorated neighborhoods and mark off items as you see them.
    • Movie Night. Have a Halloween movie night and have kids mark off items as they see them on TV.
    • Grocery Shopping. Take this printable Halloween scavenger hunt with you to the grocery store and let kids mark off items as they see them in the store.
    • Trick-or-Treat. While trick-or-treating, let kids mark off items on the scavenger hunt list as they see them.

    Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids

    Print out your free Halloween scavenger hunt sheet on regular paper. When it prints, it will look like the picture below.

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    Choose how you plan to use the scavenger hunt, and then give one to kids with a writing utensil. Have kids make a checkmark in the box next to the item on the list as they find them.

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    Even kids who are too young to read, or who may struggle with reading, will have an easy time doing this thanks to the cute pictures next to each item on the list!

    The fun thing about this cute kid’s Halloween activity is that you can do it again and again, and it’s still fun! Make several copies and keep them in the car for the month of October and use them as needed!

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    How will you use your free Halloween scavenger hunt printable? My kids can’t wait to do this one when spooky decorations start popping up around our neighborhood this year!

    Make a whole day of frugal fun this Halloween with fun themed food, activities, and costumes for trick-or-treating!

    Want more Halloween ideas?

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