Dollar Store Organizing Hacks

Shannon Cairns

March 30, 2021


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Are you ready to organize your home, like you ENTIRE home?

What if you could do it all with Dollar Store organizing hacks and storage ideas? It can be done!

You’ll be amazed at all the different items you can use from your local dollar store to get your home in order and functional these days.

Keep in mind that if you’re shopping in-stores stock and availability will vary by location. (Not every one Dollar Tree sells the same items all the time sadly.)

If you need help organizing your kitchen then checkout Small Kitchen Storage and Space Hacks

Dollar Tree Organizing Supplies:

  • Hangers
  • Clothes Pins
  • Storage Bins
  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Shower Rings
  • Command Hooks

Kitchen Organizing Ideas

Sippy Cup/Toddler Dish Organizing

If you struggle with small space a need to keep the toddler’s bottles/cups and plates contained this is the way! Depending on how much space you’re able to utilize you can stack them sideways in a cabinet instead as well.

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Under the Sink Organizer

If underneath your sink is a mess, this caddy is just one way to clean it up super quick! Plus when you’re cleaning other areas in the house you just need to grab the caddy and go, no need for multiple trips.

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Food Wrap Organizer

How many times have you dropped the aluminum foil when trying to pull some out? Now all you have to do is open the cabinet!

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Pantry Organizing Ideas

Designed Plastic Bins

These will vary by store BUT you should be able to find something similar and in different colors, if you choose. Plus you can get FREE printable organizing tags too!

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Canned Good Storage

Some dollar stores carry these wire bins/racks that you can use to rotate your can stock. (You can also check out other dollar stores like Dollar General)

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Food Storage Bins

Dollar Tree carries so many different food storage bins now but sometimes it’s hard to find them so check often! You can add your own labels (they also sell those now too!) to personalize your pantry.

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Bathroom Organizing Ideas

Bath Toy Bag

You can keep those well-loved bath toys up and drying when they aren’t in use. Grab a mesh bag from the laundry aisle in your local dollar store to complete this.

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Bathroom Drawer Organizing with Trays

You can get both supplies needed for this at Dollar Tree! Super easy to put together and you can change it up as needed.

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Hair Tie Storage

It’s hard keeping hair ties around, there’s never one around when you need one and they’re always disappearing, right? Now you can grab shower rings from a dollar store and hook them altogether!

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Oral Care Organizer

Who knew you could use a silverware tray for some much? Plus with smaller kids these are easier to wipe out than the whole drawer!

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Home Organizing Ideas

Ice Cube Trays for Misc Items

Whether it’s office supplies or craft supplies you can utilize regular ice cube trays to keep smaller items in place. (Spray paint them different colors for different uses or just to add some flair)

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Tight Storage

If you run out of room or just prefer to have your tights where you can see them, grab some clothes pins and Velcro from your local Dollar Tree to make this super easy organizing hack.

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Scarf/Strapped Shirt Storage

You can use this for scarves OR for those thing strapped shirts for Summer time! It’s such a space saver for the shirts!

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Necklace Organizers

Paint them in your favorite colors and use the regular silverware trays as your new necklace and jewelry organizer!

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Key Organizers

Dollar stores carry regular frames that you can paint as well as eye hooks these days. Super easy to customize to your home theme!

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Toy Organizing Ideas

LEGO Storage with Toolboxes

Your store may carry smaller toolboxes/tackleboxes that you can create a LEGO storage with! Perfect for on the go as well (road trips!)

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Crayon Organizer

Total game changer with this dollar store hack! Keep them organize by color or just in general.

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Cloth Storage Bins

Most dollar stores now carry the smaller cloth storage bins. You can use these in a small cube storage space you might already have OR use them to store on a tabletop to keep toys organized.

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Wall Mounted Storage Crates

You can find the smaller crates at dollar stores. You can attach them to the walls with a variety of options also. Just make sure you don’t add too much weight if these are hanging higher up in the room.

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Barbie/Action Figure Storage

Keep them off the floor and organized now with a simple shoe organizer. You may be able to fine clear or cloth shoe organizers depending on your stores.

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