How to Have a Debt Free Christmas (Free Printable Savings Trackers)

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Do you wish there was a sure fire way to celebrate a debt free Christmas each year? You can do it with these simple tips!

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The holidays can be a struggle, even for the best savers. There is so much temptation, advertisements everywhere, and puppy dog eyes from the kids, making the word “no” difficult to say!

Even though the holidays are a few months away, Christmas will be here before you know it. The best way to make sure you have a debt free Christmas this year is to plan ahead NOW.

Yes, even though it’s the beginning of June, there is no better time to plan for Christmas than the present.

Christmas is not an emergency.  It’s on the same day every year. This means you have the gift of time, to plan ahead and make this Christmas a blessing, instead of a stressful financial scene.

Grab these SUPER adorable Debt Free Christmas Tracker (PDF) by filling out the form at the bottom of the post!

Here are a few tips to have a Debt Free Christmas this year!

Start Early!

Whether you start saving on January 1st or December 1st, decide how much you will spend on Christmas this year.

List everything!  People spend money on more than just gifts during the holiday season.

Don’t forget about the decorations, activities, gifts, and food.  Do your kids need party supplies for their school?  Will you be giving extra to charity?  What about holiday travel plans?

Figure out exactly how much you will need for Christmas and then work backwards to decide how much you need to be saving each month.

Starting late?  Maybe a temporary seasonal job, or side hustle can help you get out of the Christmas season without debt.

Remember, everything you buy on credit in December, will continue to haunt you throughout the new year.  Don’t suffer from a holiday hang over!

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Focus on Experiences

It’s easy to fall into the trap of consumerism.

I love to see our kids eyes light up on Christmas morning at the sight of all the gifts under the tree.

Honestly though, after they open a few it just gets exhausting!

I’m pretty sure I ended up giving away or selling half they stuff they got just a few months ago.

No one needs a huge pile of stuff every year.

This year, try to focus on experiences with your kids.  Make a Christmas bucket list, plan craft projects, go look at Christmas light or a live Nativity scene.

These are the things your kids will remember for years to come, not the stuff.

Reuse Gift Bags

You know I’ve got a plastic bin full of recycled gift bags!

Reduce waste and save cash by reusing gift bags, bows, and boxes whenever you can.

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Sell Items You Don’t Need

As Christmas approaches, start de-cluttering your home, and selling items you don’t need.

This way you can clear out the old, and make some cash to fund this year’s activities.

Sell old clothes on apps like Poshmark, host a garage sell, or offload your stuff on Facebook marketplace or Mercari.

Shop Decorations at The Dollar Tree or DIY

I always say that The Dollar Tree is like Target for broke people!  Ha!

In all honesty, you can find some really great holiday decor at the Dollar Tree.  It’s one of my favorite places to shop for affordable home decor, and supplies for DIY projects.

You can also find gift bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper, and cards for only $1!  That price is really hard to beat.

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Buy Decorations After Christmas

There’s always next year!

You don’t have to get everything to decorate your home perfectly all at once.

Those after Christmas sales are a perfect time to grab a pre lit Christmas tree, or gorgeous wreath, for half or even as much as 80% off the original price!

If you can be patient, you will definitely reap some huge savings benefits.

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Buy Gift Cards with Cardpool to Save More

You’ve probably heard of cash back sites and apps like Ebates and Ibotta, but if you’re looking to save money before you shop try Cardpool!

Cardpool is an app that allows you to buy and sell gift cards.  You can buy gift cards for anywhere from 5 to 25% off the original price.

Give the cards as holiday gifts, or use them to purchase items at a discount.

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I hope these frugal tips inspire you to start saving now, and aim for a debt free Christmas this year!  

P.S.  Don’t forget to grab the Debt Free Christmas tracker!

Free Holiday Savings Trackers

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