Where to buy an inexpensive Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas tree

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With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to think about whether a real or artificial Christmas tree is best and which one makes more “cents” money-wise (see what I did there!)

Spoiler alert it’s a fake tree! 

So, today, we’re going to talk about some of the best cheap artificial Christmas trees and where to get them on a budget. Artificial Christmas trees have so many benefits, especially the fact that they are reusable, so it’s an incredible way to save money every holiday season. 

There are so many reputable companies to buy inexpensive artificial Christmas trees from. Some places to consider are; Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and Target.

These stores always have artificial Christmas trees on clearance especially closer to black Friday.

Artificial Christmas Trees vs Real: Which is cheaper and more economical?

When it comes to thinking about whether an artificial Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree is better, it’s a great idea to create a pros and cons list for each. 

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Artificial Trees


  1. Artificial trees are significantly cheaper! 
  2. According to Wusa 9, artificial trees are generally safer given the fact that most Christmas fires are from real trees.
  3. According to Real Simple, one of the many benefits of artificial trees is of course the ability to use them over and over again every year.


  1. Artificial trees are not recyclable and take a lot of energy to create, so they are not great for environmental enthusiasts. 
  2. Artificial trees are usually made overseas rather than in the U.S
  3. Artificial trees don’t have the same smell as a real tree, even if you can purchase a scented spray.

Real Trees


  1. According to Puroclean, Real trees can easily be replanted for another year.
  2. Real trees let out a natural evergreen aroma 
  3. Real trees are environmentally friendly!


  1. Expensive depending on the kind you get and just get thrown away.
  2. More likely to start a house fire rather than an Artificial tree.
  3. Real trees may contain bugs and can be messier than artificial ones.

In the end, it is more cost-efficient to buy a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. While you may end up spending 70-80 for a fresh one each year, you can invest a little more in a fake tree and use it over and over. If you spend $80 on a real tree over 5 years that’s $400 compared to a one-time purchase of say $150 for a fake tree you use for 5 years. In the end, buying a pre-lit Christmas tree is cheaper.

Here’s a fun memory about the time our real Christmas tree died so we had to buy two…

When Should You Buy a Fake Christmas Tree?

Surprisingly, several sources like Jolablot, recommend the best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree at a lower price is right after Christmas for the following year. This is preferably around early January.

What’s a Good Deal when it comes to Pre-lit Trees?

Some of the best deals on cheap fake trees can be found on Amazon or Home Depot. Some of the lowest prices range from $100-$200 for a quality artificial tree.

When are fake trees at their highest price?

If you’re looking for ways to buy an inexpensive fake Christmas tree, it’s best to avoid buying them in the month of December. This month tends to have the highest prices of artificial Christmas trees as last-minute shoppers struggle to find a great tree without considering the price tag.

7 Affordable Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

There is an abundance of options when it comes to finding affordable and cheap artificial Christmas trees. These are just some of many to consider when you’re looking for the perfect tree.

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North Valley Spruce

  1. Size: 6’
  2. Where to buy it: Target

This beautiful Christmas tree brings some Christmas spirit vibes to any house. It’s a gorgeous tree to be added to any holiday-filled home.

Classic Spruce

  1. Size: 7.5’
  2. Where to buy it: Amazon

 If you’re on the hunt for a tree that will make your guests sit in awe, the Classic Spruce is perfect. The Classic Spruce is an incredible evergreen tree that will light up any room it’s placed in. 

Hinged Pencil

  1. Size: 7.5’
  2. Where to buy it: Amazon

One of the absolute best trees you can purchase around the holiday season that is also on the smaller end in terms of width is a Hinged Pencil Christmas tree. This tree specially on Amazon is shaped slightly thinner but just as tall as other ones. It’s great for small houses or apartments.

Spruce Hinged – PreLit 

  1. Size: 6’
  2. Where to buy it: Walmart

Similar to the Classic Spruce, the Spruce Hinged is part of the same general family. This is a great cheap fake Christmas tree if you’re looking for something that is already pre-lit. 

This doubles your overall savings for the holiday season!

Aspen Fir

  1. Size: 7.5’
  2. Where to buy it: Lowes

Lowes is many individuals’ go-to when it comes to anything home-related, especially artificial Christmas trees. Fortunately, Lowes offers a beautiful Aspen Fir at an incredibly reasonable price.

There’s no doubt with so many options, you’re bound to find the perfect tree for your family.

Feel Real lit Artificial Christmas Tree

  1. Size: 7’’
  2. Where to buy it: Amazon

Amazon is a great place to find affordable and charming Christmas trees. The trees especially from National Tree Company are well made and beautifully designed. Your family will love opening presents around this lovely and affordable Christmas tree.

Downswept Douglas – National Tree Company

  1. Size: 4.5’ 
  2. Where to buy it: Amazon

The Downswept Douglas is a beautiful tree that makes a great addition to any home. Though on the smaller size, the price is well worth buying this affordable artificial Christmas tree.  This is a great tree option for apartment renters or condo owners!

Finding a Cheap Christmas Tree Is Easy When You Look At the Right Time of Year

Finding an inexpensive artificial Christmas tree is a breeze. You’ll love spending quality time with your family and friends around the holidays with your reusable artificial Christmas tree.

Looking for more ways to make Christmas affordable and stress free? Check these out:

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