Best Money Saving Apps to Earn Extra Cash

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Do you want to get the benefits of cash back and points without using credit cards?

Try these free money saving apps to earn extra cash the fun and debt free way!

Over the last few months, we have been getting better about budgeting and saving.

I’m always looking for creative ways to put extra cash toward student loans, groceries, or diapers!

Money Saving Apps to save extra cash
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Maybe you’ve tried taking surveys, or other online side hustles as a way to earn cash.

Reputable sites such as Survey JunkieSwagbucks, or Inbox Dollars, are definitely something you should try out!

If you’re not much for surveys, here are a some fun money saving apps that have actually been successful at saving our family more money on shopping, groceries, and more!

With these free and easy cash back apps, you can earn money for doing practically nothing!

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Quick Stats:  Best Money Saving App for cash back on groceries and online shopping.

Sign Up Bonus:  Get a quick $10 welcome bonus by signing up hereFree to sign up.


Ibotta App–  I started using Ibotta in January.  It is so simple to use.

There are several ways to earn extra cash using this app.

The easiest way is by scanning your grocery receipts.

Every week they have different offers that you can add and scan.

You can also use it to shop online and get cash back (similar to EBATES, which I will talk about next).

The best thing about it is that it’s easy and totally FREE to sign up!

I earn cash back on purchases I was going to make anyway.

If you use my referral code (srsexsw), you can get a $10 welcome bonus.  Sign up here!

Rakuten (EBATES)

Quick Stats:  Long standing and reputable money saving app for online shopping.  Some cash back offers over 10%!

Sign Up Bonus:  Get a $10 Bonus on your first shopping trip when you sign up here.  Free to sign up!


EBATES App–  I’ve heard time and again about how EBATES is a must have money saving app.  I decided to download it in January and have been using it every time I make an online purchase.  It’s easy to use, and there’s even an extension that you can download to your desktop toolbar, so you’ll never forget to use it when you check out.  It also finds coupons and promo codes for you.

We don’t do a ton of shopping because we are trying to get out of debt, but Christmas or birthdays are the perfect time to start using this, because you will be making the purchases anyway.  You might as well get as much as 10% cash back on purchases!  It’s free to sign up and use my invite link and get a $10 bonus when you shop.  Sign up here!


Quick Stats:  Money saving app similar to Ebates with opportunities for cash back plus printable coupons and grocery deals.

Sign Up Bonus:  Get a $10 Bonus when you sign up here.  Free to sign up!


The BeFrugal money saving app is very similar to Ebates in how it works.  I have both, and I have installed the Google chrome extension for each so I can compare and always get the best deal.  It might only be 1 or 2% difference from Ebates, but it’s still nice to know you are getting the most cash back possible on your purchases.

BeFrugal also offers printable coupons, grocery deals, and restaurant deals to scope out.  You can sign up here and get a $10 bonus!


Quick Stats:  Scan the whole internet for the absolute best coupons and promo codes so you know you have the best deal.

Sign Up Bonus:  Free to sign up and start saving!  Get $5 for every friend you refer!

Honey is another amazing money saving app that you can use every time you shop.  You can add a Google Chrome extension so you never forget to use it.

This money saving app finds every random promo code imaginable.  I have frequently been able to add 50 free photos, a free poster photo print, or packs of free address labels to my Shutterfly orders using Honey.

You can sync Honey to your Amazon account to alert you when prices drop.  Honey will show you a price history on the item, so you know you have the lowest price.

Sign up here, and get ALL the coupon codes on your next online shopping trip.


Quick Stats:  Get money back on purchases automatically.  Earny is a money saving app that gets your money back if the price changes!

Sign Up Bonus:  Get a $5 cash bonus when you sign up here.

Do you ever buy something on sale, and then a couple days later the price drops even more?!  Super annoying!

With Earny, you don’t have to worry about if you’re getting the best price or not.  If the price drops within 30 days of your purchase, Earny will get you a refund for the difference!

Sounds too good to be true, but it works and is totally worth it!  Earny tracks purchases made with your linked debit or credit card, as well as your Amazon purchases.

You don’t have to do anything extra, but link your cards and shop as usual!  Let Earny do the work.  Sign up here and get $5.


Quick Stats:  Sign up with the email you use to get your order confirmations and that’s it!  Paribus is a money saving app that will monitor your receipts and get you a refund if prices drop.

Sign Up Bonus:  None, but it’s completely free to sign up here.

I recently had a really great experience with Paribus, when I got a 30.00 refund on an online purchase at Gap.

It was awesome, because I already got my order on super sale, but then it went down to clearance about a week later and Paribus hooked me up!

They got me back the difference, and it felt like I was getting free cash.

Sign up here, and try it out for yourself!


Quick Stats:  Totally passive money saving app, earns cash back on purchases.

Sign Up Bonus:  Get a $5 cash bonus when you sign up here, download the app, and link your first card.

No need to go into more credit card debt, just to earn points and cash back!  With DOSH you can link your debit card to earn cash back on purchases.

There are several retailers that participate.  All you have to do is link your card and spend as you normally would.  Sign up here and get $5 when you link your first card!


Quick Stats:  Super easy and passive money saving app!  Earn points to exchange for gift cards to support your Starbucks habit or Amazon funds!

Sign Up Bonus:  Get 1000 free Drop Points when you sign up here.  (1000 points = $1, and they are pretty easy to earn fast!)

Drop App–  Drop is probably the most effortless of all of these options.

It securely syncs to your debit card, and you earn points for purchases at places like Target, Walmart, Starbucks, and McDonald’s.  You then redeem your points for gift cards.

I don’t earn as much with this app, but it’s so easy to use that I keep it installed and cash in my points for $10 Amazon cards or $5 Starbucks cards to use toward purchases.

Sign up today and get 1000 free Drop points on me! Use my code (67c69) to start earning cash rewards now!

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Give these money saving apps a try, and enjoy a little extra cash in your pocket.  They are easy to use, and a fun way to save money fast and stretch your budget.


What money saving apps do you use to stash extra cash?

Best Cash Back Apps to Save Money
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P.S. Stretch every dime earned from your money saving apps! Pick up my totally FREE budget workbook, and start working on saving more money today!  CLICK HERE to Download the workbook!

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Money Saving Apps for extra cash fast
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