Simple Ways to Save Money Fast

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Saving money can seem almost impossible these days.

In fact, 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

You can imagine the struggle to save money when you feel like you are barely making it.

Our family definitely struggles to save money, despite our good income.

The top two reasons that people with good, healthy incomes STILL struggle with saving is usually debt and not doing a budget.

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As a two physician family, our debt from school and starting our own practice was simply “stealing” our income and even affecting our mental health.

Once we got on a budget, we became more intentional about saving money, and it seemed like simple ways to save money started popping up everywhere!

On our hunt to save more money, these are some of the best ideas we have found.

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    30+ Simple Ways to Save Money This Week!

    How to Save Money and Budget

    One of the best ways to start saving money right now, is to take control of the money that you already have!

    Learning how to properly budget and control your income is an important skill, that is rarely taught.

    Don’t feel bad if you don’t know how to do a budget. I’m still learning, and I’m in my 30s.

    Here are some simple ways to save money by doing a budget this week:

    Tip:  Use a Bill Payment Calendar like the one in my free budgeting workbook so you never miss a payment!

    Ways to Save Money Shopping

    • Buying Used at consignment stores
    • Sell your clothes (and other items) on Poshmark or Mercari and use your balance to buy discounted items you need on the apps
    • Shopping Off-Season Clearance Sales
    • Shopping in Facebook Groups- I do this ALL the time to save money on Kid’s clothing and toys and even furniture for our home.
    • Make “Couponing” Simple by Using Money Saving Cash Back Apps like Rakuten
    • How to Save Money on Kid’s Clothing
    • Best Money Saving Apps

    Ways to Save Money on Food & Groceries

    Ways to Save Money at Home

    • DIY Cleaning Products- A little goes a LONG way.  Check out Pinterest for a whole slew of non-toxic cleaning products that you can make at home using Thieves from Young Living (Smells like CHRISTMAS!)
    • Essential Oil DIY cleaners, bath products, gifts, etc.

    Ways to Save Money on Utilities

    • Compare companies to find the best price (check once or twice per year)
    • Use Gabi to compare home and auto prices
    • Switch to Tello Mobile and spend as little as $5/month on your cell phone bill
    • Line Dry Clothes to Save Money on Electricity
    • Use wool dryer balls to cut down on dryer time (and eliminate toxic dryer sheets)

    Other ways to save money fast

    • Cut Subscriptions and Memberships that You Don’t Use (Gym, Subscription Boxes)
    • Try TRIM to find subscriptions you might have forgotten!
    • Save on Healthcare– You can save A TON of money on healthcare simply by doing some research on the best options for your family.  From health savings accounts to medical bill sharing to the health care marketplace, there are more options than you probably know about!
    • Use the Library- Check out books, movies, and more totally free!  There are probably weekly toddler story times or other free entertainment for your kids, too.  Check out your local library and take advantage of fun and free activities.
    • Cut Lotion Bottles- This is genius to get those last few drops!
    • Walk or ride your bike more often

    More simple ways to save money (from my blogging friends):

    Money Saving Tips to try today
    • Save

    What are your favorite simple ways to save money? Let me know in the comments!

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