32 Easy Summer Chicken Crock Pot Recipes

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These easy slow cooker chicken recipes will soon be your favorite summer weeknight meals! Get dinner on the table with little effort, and without having to turn on the oven on hot summer days.

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You might think there’s no room at your summer cookout for slow cooker recipes, but you would definitely be wrong about that one! Keep your kitchen cool during the warmer months, and create a hearty and healthy meal your whole family will love!

Crockpot recipes are the perfect way to create a comforting meal or hearty soup without having to stand over the hot stove all day during the summer! And yes, you can definitely create your favorite seasonal dishes like sandwiches, tacos, and even chicken wings, using your slow cooker!

When we started our debt free journey, we had to find ways to cook at home more often, to avoid the added cost of going out to eat. The trouble with cooking at home every night, is that it gets totally exhausting! This can lead to ditching your meal plan all together, and busting your food budget.

Slow cooker meals provide you with an easy “dump and go” method of cooking, that anyone can stick to! These summer crock pot meals are simple and affordable to prep, even during the busy, long days of summer.

This list of slow cooker meals specifically use chicken to create easy dinner recipes which will quickly become your warm weather favorites! If you’re looking for more easy summer crock pot recipes, check out these pulled pork sandwiches.

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Equipment needed to create a slow cooker summery meal

Easy Recipe Ingredients needed for Summer Chicken Crock Pot Recipes

I sorted through hundreds of easy crockpot meal ideas for summer, and these 32 include simple ingredients that are affordable and easy to find. Whether you are making chicken slow cooker meals for the first time, or stocking up for next time, here’s a list of common ingredients you can grab at your local grocery stores.

  • skinless chicken breasts
  • sour cream
  • cream cheese
  • chicken broth
  • cheddar cheese
  • brown sugar
  • bell peppers
  • chili powder
  • peanut butter
  • tomato sauce
  • favorite bbq sauce

Summer Crock-Pot Recipes with Chicken

What to serve or pair with Summer Chicken Crock Pot Recipes

Your family and friends will think you are an excellent cook when you do just a little bit of preparation ahead of time to get these slow cooker meals on the table! If you want to add even more good food to your favorite recipes, here are a few ideas for what to serve on the side of your chicken crock pot meals.

  • Black beans
  • Tortilla chips
  • Guacamole
  • Brown rice
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Cauliflower rice
  • Potato salad
  • Mashed potatoes

Don’t forget the best part of your summer meal display! Serve some delicious ice cream for dessert or these easy Lemon Blondies are sure to be crowd pleasers this time of year.

Summer Chicken Crock Pot Recipes FAQs

Can I substitute pork shoulder or ground beef for chicken in these summer slow cooker recipes?

Many of these meals like chicken tacos, could easily be turned in to beef tacos instead! You can also try using shredded pork instead of chicken to make sandwiches, nachos, or any other chicken meal. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your cooking, especially if you see a sale on certain tender meats, and want to stock up and try using a great recipe that you already know well.

Is it ok to use an Instant Pot instead of a slow cooker?

Yes! In fact, the Instant Pot has a slow cooker setting and you should not need to make many adjustments in order for your crock pot recipe to convert to an Instant Pot creation!

Which Chicken Crock Pot Recipe will YOU try this Summer?! Let me know how it turned out!

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