21 Affordable Things to do During School Holidays at Home

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School holidays can be an opportunity to bond, enjoy time with loved ones, and create memories that will last for many years to come.

Have you ever been so excited for a holiday break, only for it to come and somehow, after only 2 days off, everyone is bored…

Every parent’s nightmare, “MOM I’M BORED!”

However, there are plenty of fun activities for you and your whole family to enjoy over school holiday breaks. Why not play a board game together or have an indoor picnic? Go for a family walk or enjoy some holiday music.

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Here are 21 things to do during holidays at home that everyone will love. Why not take some inspiration from these family activities?

Holiday Bake Off (Think Nailed it Style)

A holiday bake off can be a great way to laugh together while tapping into your creative side. Try buying some holiday cookies and have a decorating contest.

Or get really fancy and buy a dessert everyone must replicate on their own through baking or design.

Family Board Game Night.

Who doesn’t love a classic family board game night? Why not bring out an oldie like Monopoly, or something using strategy like Risk. You could even go for more of a fun night by playing Twister, or Pie in The Face, with the whole fam.

Here are some of our favorite family board games, that are easy for even the littlest ones to join in on the fun!

Holiday Themed Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be so fun! Put something together for your kids, young or old, using holiday themed items and clues hidden all around the house.

BONUS: Use a polaroid camera so they can document their scavenger hunt journey.

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    Holiday Lights Tour

    Take a dive in cozy pajamas with some hot chocolate and holiday cookies while you enjoy the lights all around. Enjoy your neighborhood and other holiday lights as a family while you listen to some holiday tunes.  Such amazing memories doing this together as a family, your kids, young and old, will love it.

    Dance Party

    Take holiday music to the dance floor. Blast some tunes and let loose this holiday season to some classic and new holiday favorites. Also, a great way to lose some of those guaranteed holiday pounds.

    Have little ones? Ask Alexa to play “We are the Dinosaurs”, “Party Freeze Dance”, and “Let’s Go Swimming”. Those are our personal favorite (non-holiday) dance party jams!

    Gingerbread House

    Decorate a huge gingerbread house all together for a big display all season long. Or if you have a more competitive family then everyone gets to make their own gingerbread house and put it to a vote.  Have fun with the voting process with categories such as (the messiest house, best dressed, cleanest lines, etc…)

    Cookie Exchange at Home

    Have everyone list off ingredients for their favorite cookies and then make them at home. Not only will it be a blast to cook in the kitchen together but then you will have tons of delicious cookies to enjoy.

    Exchange cookies once everyone has finished baking and enjoy some time, all together.

    Create a Family Holiday Drink

    Get fancy with some pretty holiday drinks, a custom hot chocolate bar, or tap into your creative mindset and come up with your own drink. You could even let your kids experiment by mixing some flavors and adding fruit to create their own unique holiday flavors.

    Decorate Holiday T-Shirts

    Whether it’s pajamas or t-shirts to wear out. Have fun by crafting your own holiday t-shirt together with your family. Kids to adults will love this craft and everyone will have a momentum to remember that fun holiday evening together.

    Have a fashion show

    Show off your latest holiday pajamas or fanciest outfit. You can even have fun by picking things out for other members of the family to wear, and then strut your stuff down the hallway while your family records.

    Watch your fashion show back later on and enjoy this family film for years to come.

    Holiday Movie Marathon

    There is nothing better than classic holiday movies. Enjoy a whole day where you do nothing but watch movies and cuddle up under warm blankets.

    Here’s our list of the best Holiday movies for family night!

    Family Talent Show (Another Great Film Opportunity)

    Here is another chance to get some good footage of your family over the holidays. Everyone has that insane talent (or useless one). No matter what, your family can have fun showing off by hosting a family talent show at home.

    Read a Holiday Book

    If you’re in a more chill mood, then enjoy reading a book together as a family. Imagine gathering all the kids while you sit by the fire and open a book.

    Karaoke Night

    Even if you do not own a karaoke machine you can still hold an amazing karaoke night at home. Stream music videos with words and sing your heart out. It will be a night to remember.

    Hide and Seek

    Believe it or not this can be fun at every age. Try hide and seek in the dark or with flashlights for older kids or keep it simple and classic by hiding in a room for the younger ones. Hide and seek can be a fun and easy way to keep everyone entertained at home.

    Decorate the house

    Maybe you are way ahead of the game with a whole house decorated already, or maybe this could become a new holiday tradition, decorating together as a family at home once break has begun. You could even spend a night or two making some DIY holiday decorations to add to your collection.

    We love to decorate mini Christmas trees that show up in the Dollar Spot at Target every year. Stop by the dollar store to find tons of miniature Christmas decorations, and you’ll have everything you need to have a tree decorating contest at home!

    Cook Dinner Together as a Family

    If restaurants are not an option for you this year, why not try making dinner at home together. Everyone can make their favorite dish or try splitting tasks. Everyone cooking together is a wonderful way to keep your kitchen ‘the heart of the home’.

    Card Game Night

    Card game nights are a simple way to have some family fun. If you’re feeling a little more competitive then try playing games like Poker, Blackjack, Spades or even play Go Fish with your kids to make days during the holidays that much better.

    Watch Old Home Movies

    Enjoy reminiscing with your loved ones while watching old home movies together.  You can even watch old-school family videos and laugh at all the memories, while making some new ones.

    Old photo albums can also be great things to look at.

    Build a Fort

    Try building a fort together in your family room and enjoy a movie or tell stories. You can even make the fort larger and luxurious enough to make it a sleepover and all sleep together in the fort you built at home.

    Go for a Family Walk

    Get some fresh air and enjoy walking outside together as a family. You may even discover something new or find an adventure right outside your front door.


    These are some of the things you can try doing when school is out! If these don’t work, feel free to make up a new activity that will work for your family. The holidays are a great time to spend together and bond as a family. Have so much fun spending the school holidays at home with your family.

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