12 Fun Fall Activities to Do With Your Mom Friends: Kid and Budget-Friendly Things to do

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It’s almost the coziest time of the year, autumn. This is the time to pull out your pumpkin spice-flavored coffee and enjoy the breeze of a beautiful fall morning. 

This creative list of fun things to do in the fall with friends is a must-do if you’re bored inside. Not only are most of these exciting fall activities budget-friendly, but they’re also kid-friendly too!

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3 Free Things To Do Outdoors With Your Mom Friends In The Fall With The Kids

The leaves may fall from trees, but money sure doesn’t. Here are some fun things to do in the fall with your mom friends.

Decorate Pumpkins

Fall isn’t really falling without decorating some pumpkins. 

If you’re stuck on how to decorate your pumpkin, this article by Goodhousekeeping provides some of the most exquisite looks.

Wow! Those pumpkins make incredible home decor as well. 

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Make Autumn-Inspired Drinks & Have a backyard Playdate

Chefs kiss to Delish for creating this list of scrumptious Fall cocktails to have with friends. 

All of these drinks and more are incredibly easy to make and budget-friendly. All you need are the ingredients you already have lying around in your fridge. Make mocktails for the little ones and enjoy a nice afternoon outside playing in the leaves. 

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Fall Color Hike

Next time you’re thinking about fun fall activities to do with your friends, consider the most budge-friendly of all – a simple walk!

The autumn weather is notorious for being riddled with an array of colored leaves, so why not go on a hike inspired by the colors of the leaves.

Here’s how to play

  1. Each player picks a leaf color (Red, Orange, Brown, Yellow)
  2. While hiking whoever counts the most amount of leaves in their specific color wins!

3 Fun Free Fall Activities To Invite Your Friends & Their Kids Over To Do

The worst feeling is when your home is full of rambunctious kids and bored moms with nothing to do. 

It’s time to get our thinking caps on for some fun activities to do with our friends and kids. 

Halloween Movie-Athon

It wouldn’t be autumn without a Halloween Movie-Athon. Pull out the classics, the ones the kids have never seen before, and spend the afternoon watching all your favorite movies.

Hocus Pocus is a must-watch, especially as we approach Halloween. If you’re feeling energized, why not make some delicious Halloween popcorn while you’re at it.

Arts and Crafts with Fall Materials

One of the easiest and fun activities to do in the fall with friends and family is arts and crafts. These activities are usually incredibly exciting because it lets your creativity flow. 

All you have to do is pick up some free material outside or in your home and start crafting! This Handprint Acorn Poem on Pinterest is adorable and has little aftermath mess.

Perhaps while the kids’ craft with their fall materials, moms can craft as well, making wreaths or even pumpkin DIY crafts!

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Make a Homemade Scarecrow

Scarecrows are super easy and fun to make in the fall. All you have to do is gather household materials and put them on top of each other to resemble a person! 

Kids will love the scavenger hunt involved in finding different parts of the scarecrow.

Don’t forget to give them a name!

3 Budget-Friendly Fall Activities That Are Fun For Kids & Adults

Apple Picking

If you’re on the hunt for fun activities in the fall to do with your friends and family, apple picking is sure to get everyone in the enthusiastic spirit. 

This budget-friendly fall activity is great for when you’re in a snacking mood. Here’s to fun with family and friends and getting to snack on some delicious Granny Smith apples. 

Did I mention you can use these apples to make some filling desserts for everyone later on?

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Fall Scavenger Hunt

It’s time for everyone’s favorite Fall activity – a scavenger hunt. Hide everyday autumn-inspired objects around your house or backyard and enjoy as the search begins! 

CBC provides families with a great natural scavenger hunt printable to use outside. If you’re feeling up for it, take the scavenger hunt on the road to a new hiking location with the kids!

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    Create an Autumn Wreath

    This fall activity is especially fun for moms when they realize they can create beautiful wreaths much cheaper than the ones at Home Goods!

    Autumn wreaths are incredibly inexpensive to make and only require a few simple materials. You then have the option to either utilize natural materials outside or inside your home or purchase fake flowers at a craft store!

    Here’s some inspiration: Fall DIY Wreath Ideas

    3 Splurge Activities With Friends: Pricey But Worth It Things To Do In The Fall 

    Rent a Boat

    If you’re looking for a great fall day trip idea, renting a boat is a sure way to bond with family and friends.

    Pack some lunches and take a boat out on the lake while the weather is a mix between cool and warm. You’ll be mesmerized by the passing trees with their changing leaves.

    Make Homemade Fall Candy

    Homemade fall candy ranges from sticky caramel-coated apples to super chocolatey chocolate bars. Yum! 

    Though including the cost of materials for homemade candy may be pricey, the bonding with your guests is worth it! These homemade autumn candy recipes are a must-try if you’re stuck on fun activities to do in the fall with your friends.

    Baking Contest (Fall Edition)

    Move over The Great British Bake-Off. We’ve got new bakers in town. This fun fall activity is an exciting family-friendly competition between you and your kids and theirs.

    Pick a theme, set a timer, and see who can make the most delicious baked goods. 

    There are so many fun things to do and activities to participate in during the fall season. Make it more fun with friends!

    Fall is a great time to get outside and enjoy the crisp air with your mom friends! There are so many fun things you can do with them, which means there’s no excuse for not spending some quality time together. Whether you are looking for kid-friendly or budget-friendly things, this list of 12 activities should give you plenty of ideas for how to spend an afternoon or evening having fun with your besties this fall season.

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