23+ DIY Thanksgiving Decor on a Budget

Shannon Cairns

November 2, 2023


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Make your home warm and inviting without breaking the bank this year with these DIY Thanksgiving Decorations! You can have beautiful Thanksgiving decor on a budget with a few of these creative ideas. Find everything from pumpkins, wreaths, wall art, centerpieces and more!

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Thanksgiving is such a nice holiday filled with family and friends and food! Decorating for this time is great because you can incorporate all your fall decor, and add some Thanksgiving-specific pieces too!

I came up with a list of some of my favorite DIY Thanksgiving decorations and it includes something for every decor style! Whether you want elegant, or glam, or minimalistic, or neutrals this list has something for you!

If you’re hosting the Thanksgiving dinner this year (have you read my tips for hosting Thanksgiving on a budget?), these are some awesome ways to make your home and tablescape look warm and inviting for the holiday.

Thanksgiving Decor on a Budget

Thanksgiving DIY doesn’t have to be difficult! There are a lot of frugal and fun ways to make your own Thanksgiving decorations. Here are some ideas to look for:

  • Centerpieces. Find fun ideas to decorate the center of the table. People will spend the most time here, so making it festive and happy is a great starting point!
  • Wreaths. A wreath on the front door as you welcome guests into your home is a great way to set the tone for your decor.
  • Wall Decor. There are lots of ways you can decorate your walls and shelves with cute DIY decor. Make banners, signs and more!
  • Porch Decor. Extend your outdoor decorations outside with a welcoming fall porch setup! There are lots of ideas here you could use indoor and outdoor.

How to make Thanksgiving decorations:

Click any of the links below to find the tutorials to help you make each one of these DIY Thanksgiving Decorations. Whether you prefer using a vinyl cutting machine, a hot glue gun, or your hands to make things, there are so many ideas you can use to get started.

DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Creating unique Thanksgiving table settings is the best part of the holiday in my opinion. You’ll have such an elegant Thanksgiving table with these easy ideas for the big day. I love the way these easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations use natural elements or cheap thanksgiving table decor to create gorgeous ideas to add a pop of color to your festive decorations.

More Thanksgiving Ideas:

These easy Thanksgiving centerpieces and cheap Thanksgiving decorations should prove that you can have beautiful DIY Thanksgiving decor ideas without the extra cost! Your friends and entire family will swoon over your DIY Thanksgiving tablescape this season. Whether you decide to use fall flowers, white candles, pine cones, or mason jars, you’ll have so much fun creating a DIY project with these budget-friendly ideas. 

Are you ready to create some gorgeous Thanksgiving decor on a budget this year? Let me know which ideas you decide to try and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! 

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