DIY Reese’s Bouquet

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This DIY Reese’s Bouquet is the perfect gift for Reese’s lovers! It’s such a fun way to give the gift of chocolate and peanut butter and will work for just about any gifting occasion!

A tall closeup of the finished DIY Reese's Bouquet.
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I am a BIG fan of Reese’s! Since I’ve been a little girl, I’ve loved Reese’s. I had a Reese’s t-shirt when I was little that was my pride and joy! Two years ago I found a Reese’s gift set with a coffee mug at Christmas time and HAD to have it!

So, naturally making this DIY Reese’s bouquet came easy for me! It’s not a difficult gift to put together, and can easily be customized to the person you’re making it for!

Make this as a birthday gift, a thank you gift, or even a just because gift! It works for a lot of occasions!

How do you make this DIY Reese’s Bouquet?

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Overview of the supplies for the DIY Reese's Bouquet.
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You will need:

  • (4) Reese’s Pieces Theater Boxes
  • Reese’s Candy (mix it up with sizes and types!)
  • Floral Foam
  • Bamboo Skewers
  • Tissue Paper (I used orange and yellow)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Knife
  • Scissors

Step 2: Sort through your Reese’s candy.

Overhead view of various Reese's products.
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The best method when choosing what candy to buy for your Reese’s gift is to go to the store and just look. Then take these things into consideration:

  • Likes. Who is the gift for? Do they like Reese’s variations, or do they only like original versions?
  • Sizes. You will need a variety of sizes of packaging to make this Reese’s Bouquet look full. Get small packages, regular packages, and king size packages.
  • Price. The price of this can add up quickly if you start adding varieties! Make a budget before you start buying to stay on target.

I used King Size regular Reese’s cups, miniature Reese’s cups, miniature Reese’s cups with Reese’s Pieces in them, Big Cups with Pretzels, Reese’s Crunch Peanut, individual regular sized Reese’s Cups, small bags of Reese’s Pieces, and Reese’s cups with Reese’s Pieces for mine.

Step 3: Make the base of the bouquet.

Four boxes of Reese's Pieces glued together to form a vase.
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To make the base of the bouquet, you will need to hot glue four boxes of theater size Reese’s Pieces together. Make sure they’re facing the correct direction before gluing!

Step 4: Insert the floral foam into the base.

A piece of floral foam pressed in-between 4 boxes of Reese's Pieces for the DIY Reese's Bouquet.
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I used floral foam to make the base of my bouquet. Cut it to about the same size as the interior space left between your boxes of Reese’s Pieces, and then firmly press it into the center.

You can add a little hot glue on the edges if you’re concerned, but mine always fits snugly enough that glue isn’t necessary.

You will be gluing your bamboo skewers onto the backs of your pieces of candy to insert them into this foam.

Step 5: Make your Reese’s Bouquet.

The finished DIY Reese's Bouquet.
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After you have your candy pieces glued to the bamboo skewers, you can arrange them and push them into the foam to make your bouquet!

I started at the back with the taller pieces and moved forward with the smaller or shorter pieces. Save yourself some room, and trim the bamboo skewers shorter on the pieces you want to be shorter in the front.

I used the smaller pieces, like the miniature cups and fun size pieces, as filler pieces.

Closeup of the Reese's products attached to skewer sticks that are pressed into floral foam.
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You can see here how the skewers look when they’re pushed into the foam. Feel free to add a little hot glue to the skewers and press them back into the hole you want them to be in for more stability.

Step 6: Add the tissue paper.

The finished DIY Reese's Bouquet surrounded by Reese's products.
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Cut out small squares of tissue paper and hot glue them around the edges of the base of your bouquet to complete the look!

I used orange and yellow tissue paper I found at Walmart, but you could use whatever!

That’s all it takes to make an amazing DIY Reese’s Bouquet! It’s a pretty quick project and makes an amazing Reese’s gift basket!

Want more DIY gift ideas?

Make this DIY Reese’s bouquet for someone who loves Reese’s and they will absolutely love it!

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