DIY Red Gift Basket

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Make this awesome DIY Red Gift Basket and tell someone how red-iculously awesome they are! The free printable tag pulls the whole gift together and makes it perfect!

A tall image of the finished DIY Red Gift Basket.
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Ever made a color-themed gift basket? If you’re ever stumped for a gift idea, or are buying for someone that’s difficult to buy for, or want to make an amazing just-because gift then find out their favorite color and make a whole gift basket based on it!

It’s so much easier than you think, because once you start looking you’ll see how many items you can find of one color! I’ve got cute printable tags and tutorials on how to put together a Pink Gift Basket, a Blue Gift Basket, a Teal Gift Basket, and even a Teal Gift Basket!

How do you make this DIY Red Gift Basket?

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Supplies for making a red themed gift basket.
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You will need:

  • Red Gift Basket Items
  • Red Container
  • Red Paper Shred
  • Red Ribbon
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Free Printable Red Gift Basket Tags (Fill out the form below!)

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    Step 2: Print out the You Are Red-iculously Amazing gift tags.

    Printable for the red themed gift basket that says "You Are Red-iculously Amazing".
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    When you print out the tags, they will look like this. They print four-to-a-page so you can make multiple gifts for multiple people, or you can have an extra couple of tags just in case you make a mistake.

    Pro Tip: Print these tags on cardstock paper for the best results. If you print on regular paper, they will be flimsy and tear easily when attached to your gift.

    Step 3: Gather your all red gift basket items.

    Overview of the red items for the red color themed gift basket.
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    Red was one of the easiest colored theme baskets to make because a TON of brands use it! Candies, makeups, beauty, gift cards, snacks, colognes and perfumes, electronics and more! See the big list of ideas you can use on Amazon here.

    The great thing about these gift baskets is that you can make them a really big expensive gift by including expensive items, or you can keep them really affordable.

    If you want to round out the red themed gift basket, you can add a gift card. This was for a friend of my daughter’s for her birthday, so we put the basket together and then added a red Target gift card to make it a complete gift!

    Red Gift Basket Ideas:

    • Doritos Nacho Cheese
    • Twizzlers
    • Target Gift Cards
    • Yes To Brand Beauty Products
    • Red Robin Gift Cards
    • Peanut Butter M&Ms
    • Strawberry Fanta Soda
    • KitKats
    • Lindt Lindor Truffles Milk Chocolate
    • Strawberry Mentos
    • Red Starburst
    • Skittles
    • Strawberry Sour Punch Straws
    • Big Red Gum
    • Red Makeup
    • Red Jewelry
    • Red Office Supplies
    • Dove Dark Chocolate
    • Red Nail Polish
    • Red Nintendo Switch
    • Peach Red Bull
    • Red Coffee Mug
    • Red Kitchen Towels
    • Red Sunglasses
    • Red Bath Bombs

    Best places to shop for red items:

    • Dollar Store
    • Walmart
    • Target
    • Five Below
    • Amazon (I made a huge list of red items HERE)
    • Hobby Lobby

    Once you’ve got your red basket, red paper shred, and all your red gift ideas, it’s time to put them together into a red gift basket!

    Every single basket is different depending on what you’ve added, the size of your basket, etc. Play with the arrangement until you’re happy with it. I like to put my tallest items in the back and the smaller filler items up front.

    Paper shred makes a great basket filler because you can kind of press items down in the paper to keep them from wiggling around too much.

    Step 4: Cut out and attach the tags.

    Close up of a printable tag that says "Just a little something out of the blue".
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    The red gift tags really tie this gift together! You can snag them to print for free above. They say, “You are red-iculously amazing!

    Use a sharp pair of scissors and cut them out. Punch a hole in the corner of the tag, and run a ribbon through it to attach it to your gift basket.

    The finished DIY Red Gift Basket.
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    This is what my red basket gift idea looked like once it was completed! You could easily give this as a birthday gift, a get well gift, a thank you gift, or just to make someone’s day better!

    Want more color-themed gift ideas?

    • DIY Yellow Gift Basket – This yellow gift basket turns out so very bright and cute!
    • DIY Teal Gift Basket – “Teal” someone just how much you appreciate them with this gift basket!
    • DIY Pink Gift Basket – This pink gift basket is the perfect gift for that someone who loves everything pink!
    • DIY Blue Gift Basket – Give a loved one “a little something out of the blue” with this cute blue themed gift basket!

    This DIY Red Gift Basket is such a fun way to make someone smile with a gift! Use the free printable tag to drive the message home!

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