DIY Pizza Graduation Gift

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This DIY Pizza Graduation gift idea is such a fun way to gift a grad cash! Giving money and gift cards can feel impersonal, but this is so much better than a card! “You can’t live on pizza lone, so here’s some dough!”

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Graduation gifts are so much fun to put together! One of the most popular graduation gifts to give AND receive is money. Money and gift cards can feel impersonal to gift someone.

I like to give these DIY graduation money gifts with a twist to make it more fun for them, and make me feel like I put effort into my gift and didn’t just throw money or a gift card into an envelope and call it good.

Use the free printable to put this together and in just a few minutes you can make an adorable DIY Pizza Graduation gift to give a graduate this year!

How do you make this DIY Pizza Graduation Gift?

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

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You will need:

  • Pizza Box (I ordered these from Amazon here.)
  • Cash (I used $15)
  • Gift Cards (optional)
  • Cardstock
  • Glue Dots
  • Scissors
  • Free Printable Dry Erase Marker Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags (fill out the form below!)

Free Printable:
DIY Pizza Graduation Gift

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    Step 2: Print out your pizza dough sign.

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    This is what the printable sign for the inside of the pizza box will look like when you print it out. They print one-to-a-page, so keep that in mind if you need multiple.

    Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut along the outside of the red circle.

    Pro Tip: Print this sign on cardstock paper for the best results. You can find it in the office supply section of most stores or on Amazon here.

    Step 3: Assemble your pizza box.

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    I found these pizza boxes on Amazon. There are some cheaper ones if you search, but they’re very thin and I wanted this traditional corrugated cardboard for my box.

    Assemble the box, and then move to the next step.

    Step 4: Attach your sign to the pizza box.

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    I used glue dots to attach this sign to the box, because I was using them for other things in this project, BUT you could easily use hot glue, double sided tape, or a double sided adhesive roller too!

    Step 5: Add in your cash and gift cards.

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    On the bottom of the box, where the pizza usually goes, you’re going to create a pizza made out of money! I used glue dots to hold the money to the box without damaging the bills themselves.

    You can do the same with the gift cards to keep them in place so they don’t slide around when you move the box.

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    When the box is closed, this is what it will look like! Add the graduate’s name to the top of the box, or attach their congratulations card to the top of the box.

    Use a piece of tape to tape the lid of your box down and to protect the contents.

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    When your gift is finished and open, this is what it will look like! It’s such a fun way to give money and makes for an adorable gift for graduation!

    Pizza Graduation Gift Variations:

    • Toppings – Use paper cut outs to add some cheese or pepperoni to the top of the pizza for some extra flair.
    • Box – Use an old pizza box or get an unused one from your local pizza place.
    • Gift Cards – Add gift cards to your money gift to make the gift even better!

    Want more DIY gift ideas?

    This DIY Graduation pizza gift is the perfect way to give money to a graduate with a personal touch!

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