Cheap or Free Date Night Ideas for Couples on a Budget

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It’s February y’all…(I can’t believe it either), and love is in the air!

This time of year is crazy for me because hubby’s birthday is the day after Valentine’s Day, and we just celebrated our anniversary in January.

From December to mid February I’m trying to think of gift ideas for the literal hardest person to shop for.

I always feel a little sigh of relief when March hits!

I’m like the worst gift giver ever.  It’s just not my “love language” I guess!

I prefer quality time and snuggles, and so I was extra excited to see that our daycare is hosting a Parent’s Night Out on Valentine’s weekend.  Holla!

The fee is usually much less than getting a babysitter, so we totally look forward to it.

This month is our first attempt at doing our Dave Ramsey “cash envelope” system, and so our budget is really tight!

When it comes to a date night category in our budget, it’s pretty non-existent.

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Cheap or Free Date Night Ideas
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By the time we pay for childcare, it’s like we have ZERO cash for the actual date.

I know you feel me.

Hubby thought maybe we should pass on Parent’s Night Out this time, but I am really looking forward to a date night!

Obviously I decided to search high and low for some cheap or free things we could do that night to avoid spending a ton of extra cash.

11 Cheap or Free Date Night Ideas for Couples on a Budget

Cheap Date Night Idea #1: Have a Game Night

Bust out some old video games or a deck of cards and let your competitive side shine for the night!

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Cheap Date Night Idea #2: Grab Dessert or Coffee

Split an ice cream sundae, or grab a latte for under $5.

You can even go out for free if you use apps like BeFrugal, Shopkicks, or Swagbucksto earn cash and gift cards to your favorite restaurants or coffee shops.

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Cheap Date Night Idea #3: Cook Dinner Together

Search the internet for fun new recipes that you could try out and make together!

With DIY gourmet meal kits like HelloFresh and Blue Apron, it’s fun and easy to have a fancy date night in!

There are even online courses like Smart Kitchen LLC that allow you to take a fun cooking course right from the comfort of your home!


Cheap Date Night Idea #4: Budget & Goal Setting

That’s right I said it.

Don’t judge my life over here.

One thing I’ve noticed since Dan and I have started doing our budget together, is that our communication is way better, and we enjoy working together toward a common goal.

Grab some wine (you’ll need it), and bust out the budget.

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Cheap or Free Date Night Ideas
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Take this time to talk about your goals, dreams, and plans for the future!

Bonus points if you decide to take Financial Peace University together.

You can take the course completely online from home, and make it your weekly date night.

We take our class once a week at a church nearby, and they actually have childcare during the class which is awesome.

We have really grown to look forward to it every week!

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Cheap Date Night Idea #5: Watch Your Wedding Video or Look through Old Photos

Remember how super in love and adorable y’all were back in the day?

Reminisce on the past, and flip through your wedding album or dig up old stories from when you first met!

We watch our wedding video every year on our anniversary, and now our kids even join in on the fun!

Cheap Date Night Idea #6: Take a Walk or Go to the Gym

Spend time together and support each other’s health goals.

Dan and I hit the gym together every Saturday morning, and our gym membership is only $10/month and includes a fun kid’s area.

We are able to get our work out on and enjoy the gym’s free childcare benefits!

Cheap or Free Date Night Ideas
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Cheap Date Night Idea #7: Drive Around and Find Your Dream House

Take a Sunday drive together and head to some open houses, or drive through a neighborhood you both love.

Not only is it fun to check out some crazy nice houses, but it may spark conversations with your significant other about your future plans and goals for the family.

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Cheap Date Night Idea #8: Volunteering

The family that serves together, stays together.

Cheap or Free Date Night Ideas
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Volunteering can be a great reminder that even though you feel like you’re broke, you’re actually very blessed!

Practice the power of contentment by taking your date night to the next level, and offer your time to an organization in need.

Cheap Date Night Idea #9: Brewery Tours

Check out brewery and vineyard tours in your area.

They are often free, leaving you some extra cash to buy a few drinks at the end!

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Cheap Date Night Idea #10: Babysit for another couple, then switch next time!

If you have friends or neighbors with small kids, try switching off with them a few weekends to save on babysitting money!

I know when our little neighbor friends come over to play everyone has a great time.

We even switch off with our neighbors on the weekends, when we need to get a little cleaning and organizing done around the house.

Cheap Date Night Idea #11: Netflix and… you know the rest!

My husband and I are always amazed at how quickly our friends (without kids) can blow through the latest Netflix series.

It will sometimes take us months or YEARS to finish a show that other people can binge in one weekend.

Take an evening, day, or weekend to binge watch your favorite movie or series.

Pop the popcorn, make a cozy little nest on the couch, and start watching!

Cheap or Free Date Night Ideas
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What are some fun cheap or free date night ideas that you love?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great ideas! One that we just did is took advantage of VBS free child care at our church! Woot! Woot! We went and had gelato and then made a bucket list of dreams together. 🙂 It was good to dream together again!

    The next one we are going to try is writing a love letter to another couple encouraging them in their relationship! So excited for this one!

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