How to Throw an Amazing Birthday Party at Home

Shannon Cairns

September 2, 2021


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You’ve probably already researched the sky high birthday party packages at your local trampoline park, gymnastics center, or indoor playhouse, but did you know that you can throw an amazing birthday party at home?

Birthday parties don’t need to be expensive, and a party at home can be a very budget friendly option (as long as you follow a few simple guidelines).

The pandemic has gotten us pretty accustomed to staying at home, and many of us are figuring out that keeping it simple can also be fun!

Birthday celebrations are something that you want to make memorable even when you don’t want to (or can’t) leave the house. 

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It’s important to have a proper birthday at home checklist to ensure that everything is set up well and all your guests enjoy the party the most that they can. Everything needs to be perfect but you also don’t need to spend all your time preparing for the party. 

So in this article, let’s talk about everything important you need to know and prepare to have an awesome birthday party at home on a budget. 

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    6 Easy Steps to Throw an Amazing Birthday Party at Home

    Figure out your exact budget at the very start. 

    Everything can be decided later correctly once you know what budget you have for the party. Especially when you are throwing a birthday party at home on a budget, the first thing you need to figure out is the budget that you have. 

    The budget again has to cover everything – from decorations, food and snacks, and everything else that you need to have to make sure the party is good. Set a realistic budget that can cover all aspects of the party preparation and still make sure that you don’t end up spending too much. With a proper budget, the rest of the planning for the birthday party at home on a budget will become much more efficient. 

    Next, you need to pick the perfect theme for the birthday party now.

    Let’s be honest, parties aren’t as fun if you don’t have everything decorated and prepared based on a specific theme or topic that the birthday girl/boy likes. A theme gets the guests as well excited about attending the birthday party and brings more fun to the entire event in general. 

    Picking a theme is one of the most important steps in the birthday at home checklist that you should also spend some time on. Based on what your budget is and what the birthday girl/guy would like, you can pick something that will be easier to organise yet make the party experience just as memorable. 

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    Guest list will be the next thing you need to decide. 

    What matters just as much as the person whose birthday it is, are the guests that are going to come to the party. Guest list can also decide the success or failure of your birthday party at home on a budget. 

    It’s always a wise choice to stick to a smaller number of guests to keep the party more intimate and peaceful for everyone. It also allows you to focus on every little detail that can make the party more enjoyable as well as comfortable for everyone who comes. So make sure to come up with a guest list of people who will be excited to come to your party and people who you can also have a good time with. 

    Party decorations can be created beautifully (even on a budget)

    Decorating the house is another thing that comes high on the birthday at home checklist for everyone. It’s essential to keep the decorations related to the party theme and also save time and money on the process. 

    Decorations can be brought with discounts or you can even make something at home to save bucks on them. Keep the decorations simple instead of going overboard and taking the attention away from the essence of the party. First gather everything you need to make the house look party-ready and then start decorating along with friends and family right a day or two before the party to get everything done on time. 

    I am a complete advocate for getting everything you possibly can from the Dollar Tree, and then you can get a few “special” decorations from more expensive places like Party City. When I found out about Dollar Tree balloons, decorations, and paper products, my whole life changed…seriously.

    Party food that steals everyone’s heart at once. 

    Delicious food is definitely at the heart of an amazing party – it’s essential to make sure the food arrangement is done well so you don’t end up spending the entire night explaining the reasons behind bad food to all your guests. 

    Instead of the regular food menu that parties generally have, don’t hesitate to take the creative route and prepare something that sets your party apart from any other parties your guests have been to. Keep it simple, classy, and delicious to make the guests fall in love even with a birthday party at home on a budget.  And that’s all you need to do to arrange good food for your birthday party and wow the guests completely. 

    No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom cake…let me turn you on to Costco Sheet Cakes. They feed 48 people and they are only $19.99. Oh and did I mention that they are delicious? My husband and I order these for every party, and can’t wait to go home and eat the leftovers.

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    Party activities make the night more memorable. 

    Party games and activities give the guests more things to do and reduce your efforts to keep them busy the entire night all on your own. You can always take party games ideas from the internet or come up with your own ideas. 

    It’s essential to be smart about what games you pick and also how you decide to organize them throughout the night. Games like pool, ping pong, etc can be easy to organize and they can be a lot of fun for every person that comes to your party. So definitely think about keeping some options open for your birthday party at home on a budget. 

    Other small yet important things to keep in mind for an excellent birthday party at home on a budget:

    • Pick out the correct date and time for the party that is comfortable for all your guests and you. 
    • Send out party invitations in advance to ensure that everyone has enough time to get ready and clear their schedule. 
    • Give yourself enough time to prepare everything – don’t stress too much and everything will work out properly. 
    • Don’t forget to have fun no matter how stressful everything sounds and then the birthday party at home on a budget is going to be memorable. 
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    DIY Cake Smash using a Plastic Tablecloth as a back drop


    Most of us often feel intimidated while trying to create the best birthday at home checklist – we automatically think that the party won’t be as amazing because we have limited space and options to organize things correctly. But in reality, planning a birthday party at home doesn’t have to be that stress-inducing. 

    In this article, we talked about some basic things you need to take care of while planning a birthday party at home on a budget to ensure that you don’t miss out on something important. We hope that these tips makes you feel less nervous and more excited about the birthday party and you plan everything without a hitch!

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