The Best & Most Affordable 18 Breweries To Visit in The Dallas Fort Worth Area

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Breweries can be a really fun and frugal date night idea, or gathering with friends! Here are some of the very best breweries to visit in the Dallas Fort Worth area for your next outing.

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The Best 9 Local Breweries In Dallas To Visit On The Cheap

Dallas has many events, museums, parks, and best of all breweries! If you are looking for the best list on how to navigate the breweries of Dallas, then this is the only post you will need. Below we will cover the most popular breweries, which breweries offer great tours and breweries that have food and tastings that will be perfect for a night out!

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Top/Most Popular Breweries In Dallas

Deep Ellum Brewing Company

One of the most popular Dallas brewing locations is the Deep Ellum Brewing Company. It is located in the popular Deep Ellum art district of Dallas, so you can expect this location to be eclectic and fun, and I promise you it delivers on that. This brewing company offers brewery tours on Saturdays, which include beer samples at the end so you can get started on the tastings of their amazingly crafted brews. 

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Their taproom has a large variety of seltzers, lagers, ales, stouts, and more. They have a few Mexican-style lagers that offer interesting flavors that are a must-try, such as the Cadillac Bandito with sea salt and lime and Neato Bandito, which has notes of corn and fruit for a light, crisp flavor. 

They sell cans and bottles of their brews, and they also offer a menu with a full kitchen offering classic American foods, pizzas, and sandwiches.

Steam Theory Brewing

This Dallas Brewing location incorporates a theme of Steampunk and vintage aesthetics to make their brewery unique among others in the area, and to give it an interesting atmosphere to partake of their brews in. As opposed to some other breweries, Steam Theory has a full-service bar, original cocktails, wines, and a full-service kitchen. 

They have a variety of drinks along with their brews, and you can order a flight of their originally crafted beers to taste the creativity of the brewmasters. You can also participate in trivia nights and other events at this location. 

This is a great option for those who don’t want a regular-style pub night and would like to experience craft beers in a new and exciting setting, along with food and other cocktails at their disposal.

Peticolas Brewing  

This popular Dallas brewery boasts a page dedicated to an immense number of awards, including best beers for many of their creations and even a few ‘best brewery in America’ trophies to call their own. 

With such acclaim, it’s a no-brainer that this brewery should be on your list to experience while you are visiting Dallas. Offering many events for patrons, especially holiday-themed ones, this is a bustling brewery that will not disappoint. They have a menu with some year-round favorites, some holiday exclusives, and some seasonal exclusives, so there is something new on the tap even for those who frequent this establishment.

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Best Brewery Tours To Take In Dallas

Lakewood Brewery Tour

Lakewood brewing offers tours of their taproom where the magic happens, and the brews are handcrafted. The outside is just as beautiful as the outdoor beer garden seating, and you can see and experience the process of the brewmasters while they craft for the brewery. 

Lakewood’s biggest draw is its specialty flavored beers which come in a variety from thin mints, pumpkin, peach, margarita, and even more! From milk stouts to ciders, this location has it all. Enjoy the views of the location and the company of friends, family, and community at this popular Fort Worth establishment.

Four Corners Brewery

Four Corners Brewery is a no-brainer for brewery tours because they are offered for free! You just have to schedule one with the company, and you and your family or friends are free to tour the brewery facility and watch as they brew their modern takes on traditional ale options. 

These craft brewery options include some classics that are mixed with seasonal favorites that include notes of peach, grapefruit, and even a s’mores flavored stout! Stouts, ciders, ales, and lagers are the main components of the tap list at Four Corners, and they brew it in a way that lets all of the creative flavor choices shine through in the beers so that the taster can get the best experience.

Bitter Sisters Brewery

This sassy brewery is a great option for tours, as theirs are offered at just 15 dollars. This is a great value considering you get to tour the facility with your own guide, you get three drink tickets, and even a souvenir Bitter Sisters pint glass to take home in remembrance. Their brews consist of very sassily named creations such as Cat Fight, Hot Temper, Hissy Fit, and more. 

This is a unique brewery that is filled with female humor and fun for everyone, so pick this for a girl’s night out or an afternoon drinking with friends. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a good time and a good laugh picking out these snarky drinks by their names.

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The Best Breweries With Food & Beer Tastings For Date Night or Girls Night Out In Dallas

Vector Brewing

This is a fun and up-close version of a brewery because their brewing equipment is located behind the bar, where patrons can see those working brewing new concoctions while they enjoy their current food and drinks. All of the food and beers are made from scratch, and they get creative with their beers with options like their naughty grandma cider, smoked beers, street jazz lager, and even a basil and lime lichtenhainer.

The beer isn’t the only thing this brewery gets creative with, though. They are well-known for their specialty handcrafted pizzas. Made with locally sourced, Earth-friendly ingredients, even the doughs, and sauces are made in-house with original recipes. If you and your friends, or date, are looking for a unique flavor experience, you will be sure to get it here with pizza options that include things like edible flowers or curry!

Community Beer Co.

Located in downtown Dallas, this brewery is already in a spot that allows it to become a hub for craft beer enthusiasts. They are actually being relocated to a new facility that boasts 70,000 square feet. Now that is plenty of room for a girl’s night out or a great date to be held! 

This enormous brewery offers two floors of taprooms, so there is never a shortage of drink availability, a giant brewing facility and distillery on-site, an outdoor Biergarten, live music space, and a full-service restaurant. This spot is a perfect choice for a date or night with friends as there are many events that are held and a full bar that can quench the thirst of anyone’s desire once you step into this state-of-the-art facility.

Bishop Cider Co.

If you’re looking for beer tastings then the Bishop Cider Co. has got you and whoever you’re with covered. A little different, as this establishment specializes in ciders, they also have a couple of wines, some seltzers, and even kombucha and smoothies.

 Here, you can enjoy a flight of their handcrafted ciders, their exclusive seasonal flavors such as pecan pie or raspberry vanilla, or year-round favorites like imperial nectar. The biggest draw to this location? There is an arcade, aptly named the cidercade, where 10 dollars gets you unlimited play to a multitude of arcade games so you and your friends can have a fun night trying unique brews and placing bets on who will win the most games of the night.

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The Best 9 Local Breweries In Fort Worth To Visit On The Cheap

Fort Worth might bring about thoughts of cowboys before you think of their breweries, but I can assure you, this city has plenty of both! Just as we covered the breweries for Dallas, we will also specify the best breweries in Fort Worth while telling you the menu options for food and drafts, which establishments offer tours, and which ones are great for foodies and date nights.

Top/Most Popular Breweries In Fort Worth 

Maple Branch Brewery

A very popular brewery in Fort Worth, Maple Branch is a brewery that focuses on delicious and traditionally brewed concoctions that are small batch and not commercially manufactured. They want to showcase their creations such as bourbon maple stout, mango gose, and even a raspberry blonde ale. Smooth flavors and creative takes on traditional favorites make this a classic Fort Worth staple in the community of beer lovers. They also offer pet-friendly biergartens and foods like giant pretzels, hotdogs, and brisket sandwiches to enjoy with your brews.

Fort Brewery

Fort Brewery is a family-friendly environment that has food, wine, craft beers, and live entertainment. Popular events like trivia, and local musicians make this spot popular for the local community as it offers something for the whole family and brings everyone together. The food is classic bar style with a twist, and it is absolutely amazing.

Jumbo meatballs, charcuterie boards, brunch options like the hangover burger and eggs benedict, pizza with goat cheese and pesto, and classic beer bratwursts can all be found at Fort Brewery. 

As for their brews, they have a fruit scootin’ boogie sour made with mango and guava, a mojito style seltzer, a cherry cider, and even seasonal stouts such as the Fort Christmas Stout with cinnamon, cocoa, and orange peels.

The Bearded Lady

Food and craft brews go together well, and the Bearded Lady offers this and a funky space and atmosphere for any patrons trying to visit. Located in an old repurposed brick building, this offers an outdoor area for patrons to enjoy and also classifies itself as a gastropub, or the restaurant aspect. 

The menu is full of unique and delicious burgers, appetizers, and ‘funky sandwiches.’ There is also a full bar serving specialty cocktails for all the high-quality food and brews this establishment presents. A few of the beer options this place offers are their Peach Emoji, which is a peach-infused sour, Peanut Butter Brunch Monkey, a stout flavored with peanut butter and deep caramel notes, and a pina colada ale brewed with coconut, pineapple, citrus, and vanilla. 

A little more on the alternative and bohemian side, there are often handcrafted jewelry vendors, candlemakers, and more outside that the establishment supports.

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Best Brewery Tours To Take In Fort Worth

Rahr & Sons Brewing Company

Looking for a great brewery tour in Fort Worth? Then look no further because Rahr & Sons offers a wonderful brewery tour for you and your friends or family to enjoy. Wednesday through Saturday there are specific tours and tastings offered to patrons with the purchase of a wristband. 

Which gets you three pints of beer and a souvenir glass, every other day beers are sold individually but the tastings and tours are still available to those who choose to experience them. This is a very popular brewery in Fort Worth, and their brews speak for themselves as to why. With several different canned beers you can also order to-go, there are many flavors for you to try on this tour and any tastings you choose.

Martin House Brewing

Martin House Brewing is a brewing company that takes pride in its unique tap list and is constantly changing their beer menu rotation so that no patrons get bored and that their creations remain special and exclusive. 

Their beers follow 3 different styles: year-round brews, seasonal and special releases, and taproom-only beers. Seasonal and taproom-only beers are so exclusive that they may never come back once they leave, so if you see one you would like to try, you better get out there and try it to give your feedback on it! 

They also have a list on their website of past brews. If there is one you decide you can’t live without, they may listen to your request to bring it back. Options like the True Love raspberry kettle soured gose has just recently become available year-round due to its feedback. Another weirdly delicious creation is the sour pickle gose, made with pickle juice, obviously. All of these great traits make this a great brewery to tour as you probably want to see the process and minds behind anyone who would come up with a pickle beer! So, it’s a good thing this brewery offers tours of their facilities for patrons to get a personal look at what goes into their creations.

Hopfusion Ale Works

If you’re looking for a brewery tour that may not be so traditional thenthis is the only choice in Fort Worth for you. You may think of a brewery tour as a standard walk-around of the brewing equipment with a guide alongside you that typically costs an additional fee, but at Hopfusion, the brewing all happens right behind the bar. 

If you are sitting in the taproom, the brewing can be seen from there, and most brewing is being done during the hours that patrons visit. If you want to get a closer look, all you have to do is respectfully ask the person behind the bar if they can give you a tour when they aren’t busy. They will then be able to give you more information and possibly take you behind the bar to tour, though this is not guaranteed. 

They can answer any questions you have, explain the process, and explain the equipment all from behind the bar because the process is always in view of the patrons. This unique design really brings staff and patrons together and helps to start conversations and questions about the brewmasters and their crazy concoctions.

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The Best Breweries With Food & Beer Tastings For Date Night or Girls Night Out In Fort Worth


You may be thinking of a girl’s night out, but what about starting with a brunch? Toasted is a perfect choice for those girls who want to enjoy a brunch with artfully crafted brews, cocktails, handmade coffees, or unique teas. All of this while also enjoying freshly baked bread, soup, salad, and delicious specialty sandwiches. 

Everything at this brewery restaurant is made with all-natural ingredients, and for those who are trying to get a taste of light but immaculate dishes in the area, this is the place for you. Enjoy a sophisticated brunch, lunch, or dinner and enjoy the handcrafted drinks and foods at Toasted.

Cowtown Brewery

A brewery that has a matching set of delectable cuisine choices to match its tap list is the Cowtown Brewery. Known for its handcrafted brews, it also offers amazing barbeque dishes and various smoked meats. If you are looking for food for a date night or just a night out with friends, then this is the choice for you. 

Try a variety of delicious brisket, beef ribs, tacos, and more from their restaurant menu. While you’re at it, try any of their handcrafted brews that are on tap like Nick’s Cold Black Heart, a sweet bourbon stout, their classic rock island red, which is similar to a German red lager, or Rhinestone Cowboy, an ale lager hybrid that patrons love for the name and the crisp flavors.

Funky Picnic Brewery

Just as the name states, picnic-style and other foods are available at this brewpub along with their signature brews. Just as one of our Dallas picks, this brewpub offers a special brunch menu for patrons on Sundays. If you still want to drink some of their craft beers rather than their bottled mimosas, you can! 

But with the brunch menu, you can enjoy sweet and savory chicken and waffles, classics like huevos rancheros, cheese boards, and even beermosas if you’d like to mix the craft beer and brunch worlds. 

If brunch isn’t your thing this location even offers lunch and dinner, along with some specialty and seasonal cocktails. Wings, chili, burgers, blueberry and goat cheese flatbread, bacon bourbon meatballs, and several vegetarian and vegan food options abound here. The best part of the food menu is that every dish lists a beer pairing to compliment so you can test out the flavors of the recipes against the creative brew options.

The Dallas Fort Worth Area Has Several Local Breweries That Are Worth Visiting

If you’re looking for breweries to visit in the Dallas Fort worth area, these are some amazing places to start! Enjoy for a fun and frugal date night experience or night out with friends. Let me know which ones you visit.

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