21 Best Dog Parks & Walking Trails in Dallas Fort Worth Area

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If you are looking for the best Dog Parks & Walking Trails in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, then you have come to the right place. 

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Dog parks are great if you’re looking for a place to let your furry friend play, run off some energy, socialize with other dogs, or just have fun and Dallas Fort Worth has some of the best in the US! 

There are many dog parks around the area that will provide your pup with an enjoyable experience.  In this blog post, we will explore 10 of the most dog-friendly parks and trails that you can visit with your pup. We will also talk about what makes these places so great! 

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Best Dog Parks & Walking Trails In Dallas

Best Off-Leash Outdoor Dog Parks In Dallas

Bark Park Central

This dog park is off-leash, so you can let your pup run free and enjoy their time outside at this unique location. Bark Park Central is located in the artsy neighborhood of Deep Ellum, meaning you’ll get to enjoy some colorful and fun artworks at the park and in the surrounding areas. 

This off-leash park is 1.2 acres and has many amenities for your dog and you! These include dog water bowls, dog showers to cool your dog off or clean them off before heading home, doggie waste bags, and shaded areas to relax while you watch your dog get out their energy and play with other pups. This location is also close to a few restaurants and other outside spaces that allow you and your dog to relax.

NorthBark Dog Park

This dog park is located in Northern Dallas and is an expansive 22.3 acres, so you should have no worries about letting your dog off the leash to enjoy this park to the max. More like a nature preserve than a dog park, this location has it all from hiking trails, a lake area, a makeshift dog beach area, and many more amenities! 

The best part of this dog park is the immense amount of nature and different areas you can explore with your dog. This area is off the leash but does have separate areas for small and large dogs, so you don’t have to worry if you have a smaller dog and worry that they may get bullied by larger dogs running at the park.

White Rock Lake Dog Park

White Rock Lake is one of the largest lakes in Dallas, and luckily this dog park is right next to it! This 3-acre dog park is an off-leash park where your large and small dogs can enjoy it at their own comfort, with two separate fenced-in areas to designate your dogs by size for their safety. 

There are several trails, dog water stations, dog showers, pet waste receptacles, shaded structures, and a pavilion/ picnic area. There is also a water access point specifically for dogs which you can use to enjoy the lake with your furry friend.

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Best Indoor Dog Parks In Dallas

2nd Family Dogs

Indoor dog parks may be a little hard to find in some places, but 2nd family dogs deliver with a mix of indoor and outdoor play facilities. This location has two outdoor play areas for dogs that are separated for small and large dogs to minimize any risks. There is a full-size covered swimming pool for the dogs to jump in and swim during hot months. 

This facility also mainly functions as a doggie daycare, so if you take a tour and love the facility, you can use this as an opportunity to socialize your dog under the best supervision. Along with their indoor play areas, there are also personalized sleeping areas for the dogs to relax in. There are shaded outdoor areas that have safe and interactive playground toys, and the indoor area is equipped with sound insulation and calming music for any dogs that may deal with anxiety.

Urban Paws Dallas 

If you want to treat your dog to a day out, then Urban Paws in Dallas is just what you need! An all-encompassing indoor dog park which offers a spa, daycare, boarding, and even training for your furry best friend if they need it. They separate dogs by temperament and size so that there are never any concerns about your pet’s safety. 

The trainers on staff also structure playtime and feeding regimens for the dogs that are being boarded or the dogs who are participating in daycare. They offer rates for half days, full days, and nightly rates, depending on how long you’d like your dog to stay and play. 

They have both indoor and outdoor facilities, with their indoor areas containing plenty of toys, playground, and training equipment for the dogs to have structured play times with others and to build social connections. If you love this location and choose to board your dog for any trips, they also have personalized doggie townhomes, so they will be comfortable and have time to themselves to lounge around in their own space.  

Kinder Kritter 

Much like the other options, this is a combination of groomer, boarding, and doggie daycare. So, whatever your needs are, Kinder Kritter is ready and willing to give your pet the best time ever! From their outdoors pools and water games that can be used to cool off during hot days to their indoor play areas where they can socialize with plenty of other pups, this is a great choice for those who want their dog to be able to utilize an indoor play area and get a spa treatment for any unruly hairstyles while they’re at it. 

Trained professionals and trained groomers are always on staff to make sure the dogs are getting along and looking their best. Rates are determined by the length of stay, choice of grooming or spa options, and size of your dog.

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Best Dog Walking Trails In Dallas

Katy Trail

Your dog probably loves being outdoors, but you may still want to visit the city without leaving completely. If that is the case, then the Katy Trail is the perfect mix of both worlds. Made up of old, no longer in service, rail tracks, this walking trail has been repurposed through the rail lines to become a popular destination for pet walkers, bike riders, and even just regular walkers. 

This trail is located in the city itself but offers a nature-filled oasis with trees lining the trails and other local flora and wildlife around the areas. It contains doggy water stations attached to the human water fountains and doggy waste bag stations along the trail in case your pet needs to go, and you forgot yours. This is a very pet-friendly trail, where other people and pets frequent, so have fun and be sure to keep your pet on a leash per the trail’s rules.

Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve

You and your dog may be very outdoorsy individuals, and if that is the case, then the trails offered at the Cedar Ridge Preserve will give you both enough varieties to keep your day full of fun, exercise, and beautiful views of nature and wildlife. This location offers many different trail options which have different difficulties, so you can choose how much exercise you want to get and how long of a walk you’d like to go on. 

There are water fountains and doggie drink stations throughout the trails, dog waste bags along the trails, and you can’t miss views of the gorgeous Texas wildflowers and greenery. Dogs must be leashed on the trails, and there may be a few crowded trails, but there are plenty of other choices if you and your dog want a more secluded hiking experience.  

Turtle Creek Trail

Turtle Creek Trail is a beginner-friendly trail located in the city and is a part of the repurposed railway system. Being a part of the rails to trails system, this is a nice flat hike that is shorter than the other options. 

This is also a biking trail and requires your dog to be leashed at all times, but the trail is still light on most traffic. This makes it a great option for any dog, even those who may be slightly skittish.

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Dog Parks In Downtown Dallas Worth Visiting

Mutts Canine Cantina 

A trip to downtown Dallas with your pup will not be completed until you visit Mutts Canine Cantina. A truly unique experience, this is a mix of an off-leash dog park, bar, and grill. There are dog-themed drinks and lots of delicious foods that you can enjoy while your dog plays in one of the two off-leash dog parks attached to this location. 

While you have to be a member to use the dog parks, you can purchase daily, weekly, or monthly passes to access all of the community features. This is a great way to incorporate you and your pup into the social community of dog lovers in downtown Dallas. Your dog must remain leashed if they are on the patio, but you do not need a membership to patron the cantina and the patio.

Wagging Tail Dog Park

If you have a high energy dog, then Wagging Tail Dog Park will be a wonderful way to get all of their energy out in one place. There are two dog parks to separate smaller and larger dogs, which is a perk to keeping those dogs of the same energies in the same place. 

Another perk to this location is that there is also a walking trail, so if you want to start out or finish with a walk for some cardio for both you and your pup, you can. There is also artwork, stonework, and plenty of seating around at this park so you can relax while your dog plays the day away.

My Best Friend’s Park

This may be a small park, and it is not separated by size like several others, but it is a popular location for those in Dallas to visit with their dogs. The park itself is fully fenced in, and the ground is laid with AstroTurf for the dogs to climb and plenty of other playground equipment to keep them entertained. 

There are shady spots for your dog to rest should they feel tired, and there are water play stations for them in the heat of the summer. Water fountains for dogs and humans are numerous, so you won’t have to worry about them getting dehydrated. This is an off-leash park but be sure to keep them on the leash until they get inside the fences, as the surrounding park, Klyde Warren Park, is much bigger and can sometimes have heavy traffic of people and other dogs walking.

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Best Dog Parks & Walking Trails In Fort Worth

Best Off-Leash Outdoor Dog Parks In Fort Worth

Fort Woof Dog Park

This is a classic dog park choice for those in Fort Worth, it is regarded as the first-ever off-leash dog park in the city, and it is a great feature to the community. This park hosts several events, such as their annual Barktober fest, which brings owners and dogs alike out in the fall weather to socialize and have fun. 

There are plenty of water fountains for the dogs and poop disposal stations with bags, in case you forget yours. There are several benches and picnic tables inside the park, but it is against the rules to bring food inside the dog park, but you can sit and interact with owners from the area and their dogs while having a great experience.

ZBonz Dog Park

Built upon the previous location of the Z. Boaz Golf Course, this dog park is the newest addition in terms of doggie commodities to be built in Fort Worth, and everyone loves it. There are two separate sections one for large dogs which is a total of 7 acres, and one for smaller dogs which is still a sizable 3 acres. 

These sections have their own ponds to romp around in during the hotter months, two shelters, and of course, some playground equipment to keep them busy while they’re running around. There are also water fountains for the dogs inside the parks, and dog wash stations so you can give your furry friend a quick rinse before hauling them back home.

Tails N’ Trails Dog Park

Another popular choice for those with active dogs of any size, this park has two fenced-in areas for dogs of different sizes. There is also an area just before the main dog park where you can unleash your pup without the nuisance of others bombarding them before you can unclip them. 

There are water stations to fill up bowls for your dog and some shaded areas so they can get out of the sun. The lawns are well manicured so you should not have any worries about tall grasses that could bother your dog, unless you choose to take them on one of the trails which accompany this dog park. The trails are paved and lined with greenery and trees, so you and your dog can enjoy a nice shaded walk before heading home at the end of the day.

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Small Dog Friendly Parks In Fort Worth

Bark Park at First Flight

This dog park is located right in the city. It is a popular, yet small, fenced-in park for your dogs. However, this is a small dog only park, which can be very nice if you have a skittish smaller dog who cannot usually go to other parks due to the presence of larger dogs. 

This is an off-leash park but strictly only once you are inside the double gates of the park itself. This park features several dog water fountains and picnic tables to sit at and watch your dog while they play with others.

Tipps Canine Hollow Dog Park

Tipps Canine Hollow Park is a simple but beautiful choice to take your dog for a day of fun. You will be greeted by a bronze sculpture of a dog with children, and the ground is manicured grass or freshly mulched dirt which is soft for all paws. There isn’t a lot of playground equipment in the areas for the dogs, so it is suggested and encouraged to bring toys you can use to free play with your dog, or you can let them get out the zoomies until they decide they have had enough.

Keenum-Shelton Dog Park

This is a small local dog park with interactive playground equipment that you can use with your dog, including tunnels, hoops, and balance beams. The park is quiet and never usually crowded, so it is a great spot to enjoy time with your dog one on one in an open space or to socialize with a smaller number of dogs so as to not overwhelm your pup. 

This park is a great choice for small dogs, shy dogs, or dogs that have separation anxiety, because you can be within their sight, and you won’t have to worry about them becoming overwhelmed by dozens of new dogs coming up to them at once.

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Best Dog Walking Trails In Fort Worth

Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge

This is one of the most popular trail areas for people and dogs in Fort Worth. The nature center is a big help in local conservation efforts, so the environment of the area is being preserved and can be enjoyed in its best form, unencumbered by people or the traffic of cars. 

There are no bikes, motorized vehicles, or jogging permitted on the trails, which is great for dog owners! You have to have your dog on a leash at all times, but you won’t have to worry about moving out of the way for any traffic except fellow walkers. Be aware that this is a hiking trail and is not well-manicured, so watch out for your pup’s paws when they go exploring, but it is a gorgeous sight to put on the list.

Tandy Hills Natural Area

Tandy Hills is another protected natural area that abides by the same rules as the Fort Worth nature center. There are no bikes or motorized vehicles permitted to protect local plants and wildlife and allow visitors to enjoy the pristine views of the local environment. 

You must stay on the trails so as not to destroy any of the prairie and the wildflowers that grow in abundance, so you may want to keep a closer eye on your dog if they love to wander and drag you with them. Benches and drinking fountains scatter the area so that if you and your dog need a break, you should take one and enjoy the flowers and other protected wildlife and plants in the area.

Trinity Park Trail 

Trinity Park is a classic choice for trail walking and is pet-friendly. You must have your dog leashed but there are a few different trails to choose from that are paved, which will be a relief to some of us who cannot hike mountainous terrain for too long. 

There are small wooden structures your dog can play on and nature’s star the Trinity River, which they can splash around in on hot summer days, from specified water access points or from the grass in any area as long as you watch out for those who may be fishing along the banks.

The Dallas Fort Worth Area Has A Lot Of Great Dog-Friendly Parks & Walking Trails To Discover

Which park have you been to? Let me know what you (and your pup) think of these dog parks!

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