34 Crafts to Make and Sell from Home

Shannon Cairns

March 24, 2020


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If you’re creative and love DIY projects, then one of the best ways to make money from home is to design crafts to make and sell for profit.

These don’t even have to be elaborate expensive craft projects!

You can use items from the Dollar Tree, and other simple materials to create unique crafts to sell at home.

I’m excited to bring you an inclusive list of ideas for crafts to make and sell!

Some of these ideas are really easy, and others are slightly more advanced.

Whatever you decide to make, you will surely be inspired by this list of some of the best crafts to make and sell.

Once you have created your craft idea, you might be wondering where to sell it!

I love ETSY and Shopify as easy to use online platforms to sell products that I create.

There are also several other online selling platforms that you might find more suitable based on your experience, or the item that you are selling.

Places to Sell Handmade Crafts Online

These are just a few places that you can try listing your handmade craft projects for sale!

34 + Craft Ideas to Make and Sell from Home


Wreaths can be a very inexpensive craft to make, especially if you are extra frugal and purchase your materials from places like The Dollar Tree.

Even though they don’t cost much to make, you can sell them for big bucks!

Homemade or custom wreaths can bring in premium cash so you can turn a fun hobby into a profitable side hustle.

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Full Tutorial here: Where’d My Sanity Go

Just doing a quick search on ETSY, I found wreaths selling anywhere from $30 to $200!

One of my dearest friends, who also happens to be a podiatrist and mom of 3, does very well making wreaths and other handmade items, and selling on ETSY. You can check out Natalie’s shop here.

You can find some inspiration for wreath DIY projects here.


You can get as creative as you want with the multitude of handmade jewelry options just waiting to be created.

Here are some fun examples of jewelry that you can make and sell, with full tutorial included!

DIY Necklace Pendant

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Full Tutorial here: Upcycle My Stuff

Painted Wood Bead Necklace

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Full Tutorial Here: Sustain My Craft Habit

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Essential Oils are extremely popular right now, and these diffuser bracelets are a great way to capitalize on their popularity.

Here are a couple fun and simple tutorials for diffuser bracelets you can make and sell!

Find more essential oil DIY projects, that would be great to sell here.

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Full Tutorial Here: Ann’s Entitled Life
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Full Tutorial here: The Soccer Mom Blog

Sewing Projects

If you have a sewing machine, or a needle and thread, you might have the skills to create some simple sewing projects to sell from home.

Here are some great tutorials, even for beginners, if you’re interested in sewing projects that you can sell from home.

Easy Eyeglass Case

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Full Tutorial Here: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Wine Bottle Tote Bag

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Full Tutorial Here: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Reusable Produce Bag (Crochet Pattern)

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Full Tutorial here: My Poppet Makes

Clothing & Accessories

Handmade clothing and accessories can bring in top dollar depending on the quality and uniqueness of the item!

This infinity scarf is so simple to make, but allows for a variety of options and creativity to make money selling from home.

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Full Tutorial here: Happiest Camper

Velvet Scrunchies

Scrunchies and hair bows are super trendy right now!

They are simple to make, and the market is definitely there.

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Full Tutorial here: Francine’s Place Blog

Tissue Holder

Functional and cute! These would also be fun to conceal baby wipes!

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Full Tutorial here: The Gingerbread House
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Full Tutorial Here: My Poppet Makes

Double Sided Tissue Holder

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Full Tutorial here: Gluesticks Blog

Custom Potholders

How cute is this camper potholder? I know I’m always on the hunt for easy, frugal ways to give my kitchen a little update! This would be a great item to make and sell online.

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Full Tutorial here: Happiest Camper


People love a custom keychain! They can be cute, functional, or both.

Here are some fun ideas, with full tutorials, that will sell out fast in your shop.

DIY Wood Slice Keychains

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Full Tutorial here: Sustain My Craft Habit

Easy DIY Chapstick Holder Keychain

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Full Tutorial here: Happiest Camper

Cups, Mugs, Glasses

There are so many fun and simple ways to customize cups, mugs, and wine glasses.

You can use vinyl, nail polish, sharpies, and glitter, as long as you know the steps to create these projects and make them long lasting.

You can grab mugs and glasses for as cheap as $1 from The Dollar Tree, making a margin for big profits quite easy.

Glitter Wine Glasses

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Full Tutorial here: A Bride on a Budget

Stationary Projects

Are you an expert at calligraphy or graphic design? Or maybe just add some of your artwork to the cover of a journal.

There are many different ways that you can turn simple stationary projects into profitable designs and products.

Watoji Paper Journal

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Full Tutorial here: Francine’s Place Blog

Home Decor

Throw Pillow Covers

I know from experience that it can be tough to find the perfect throw pillow.

If you have some very simple sewing skills, you could offer people fun and creative designs, and even do custom work.

Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make throw pillow covers.

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Full Tutorial here: Jessica Welling Interiors


These elegant coasters look so high end, but are made simply with sharpies and alcohol!

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Full Tutorial here: Jessica Welling Interiors

Air Dry Decorative Clay Bowls

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Full Tutorial here: Gathering Beauty

Succulent Projects

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Full Tutorial here: Pink Fortitude


Candle making is a simple skill that will never go out of style.

People love to find new and different candles and scents to make their homes cozy all year long.

Here are a few tutorials for candles you can make and sell from home.

Eucalyptus Candle

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Full Tutorial here: The Country Hill Cottage

Natural Beeswax Candle

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Full Tutorial here: Hungarican Journey

Homemade Coffee Soy Bean Candle

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Bath and Body Products

You can offer women unique and homemade bath and body products full of fresh ingredients!

Here are some tutorials on how to make simple bath and body products to sell from your home.

Lavender Sugar Scrub

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Full Tutorial here: DIY Beauty Base

Bath Bombs

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Full Tutorial here: Simple Living Creative Learning

Peppermint Foot Soak

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Full Tutorial here: Simple Living Creative Learning

Lemon Body Scrub

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Full Tutorial here: April Golightly

Holiday Inspired Crafts

You can offer unique, holiday inspired gifts for every holiday!

Women love to decorate their home with festive and unique holiday finds.

You can be their one stop holiday shop, and make money from home!

Christmas Wreath

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Full Tutorial here: Country Hill Cottage

DIY Easter Tea Light Candle Holder

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Full Tutorial here: Drug Store Divas

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

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See More St. Paddy’s Ideas here: Fun Things to do for Kids

Furniture Projects

You can upcycle old furniture that you find for cheap, or sometimes FREE, on Facebook marketplace, Craiglists, or community garage sales.

Turn old run down furniture finds, into Pottery Barn inspired pieces that turn a huge profit.

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Full Tutorial here: Upcycled Avenue

Art Projects

If you have artistic talent, think of some common household items that you could make beautiful, by adding your own creative designs.

DIY Kintsugi (Japanese Art of Repairing Broken Pottery)

These are beautiful!

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Full Tutorial here: Francine’s Place Blog

Clay Pots

Which craft project will you decide to make and sell from home?

Selling beautiful and unique, handmade items can be a wonderful side hustle to earn extra income for your family, or to pay off debt fast!

You might even find your true calling, and turn your work at home store in to a full time job.

Let me know which craft projects you sell online, or if you have one that you would like me to include here.

Happy crafting!

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