20+ Winter Wreath Ideas

Shannon Cairns

December 20, 2022


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Keep your front door looking beautiful all season long with these gorgeous winter wreath ideas! Find inspiration and easy ideas to make the cold weather more enjoyable!

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Winter can be an awkward time for home decor! It’s too early for Valentine’s Day, but too late for Christmas. Winter has such beautiful colors and themes associated with it, and it’s the perfect way to decorate in the cold months!

Easy DIY Winter Wreaths

Make your front door adorable with one of these easy DIY winter wreath ideas. They vary in difficulty, cost of supplies, and time to make, so find what works best for you and get creating!

Winter Wreath Ideas

If you need some winter wreath inspiration think about these ideas:

  • Snowy/Icy. Snow-themes wreaths with fake snow and ice are the perfect way to decorate for winter.
  • Snowmen. Snowmen are an awesome universal symbol of winter!
  • Cold Weather Attire. Utilize hats, gloves/mittens, and scarves in your winter wreath ideas!
  • Animals. Utilize polar bears, penguins, cardinals and more winter animals!

Tips for Winter Wreaths

  • Glue. Keep in mind the temps and what your glue is rated for when attaching items to your wreath to ensure they last all season long.
  • Wind. Winter is usually windy, so make sure you keep that in mind when hanging something on your front door.
  • Wet. Winter snow and ice can cause things to stay wet when outside, so keep that in mind when creating!

DIY Winter Wreath Ideas

Want more fun cold weather ideas?

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