DIY Winter Scarf Wreath

Shannon Cairns

December 19, 2022


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This adorable DIY Winter Scarf Wreath is such a simple wreath craft that will work on your front door for the whole cold season! You only need three supplies to make it!

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Crafting for winter is a great way to keep those winter blues at bay! Having winter decorations for my house has helped me stay on top of getting my Christmas decor down after the 1st of January, and gives me something new to look forward to!

This Winter Scarf Wreath DIY is going to be one of the quickest and most simple wreath tutorials you’ve ever made! You only need three supplies, and a few minutes!

How to make this Winter Scarf Wreath

Buying wreaths instead of making that can be expensive! It’s not difficult to make adorable wreaths for your front door for the holidays and seasons, and this wreath is much easier than most!

The steps to make this winter scarf wreath are:

  1. Gather your supplies.
  2. Wrap the scarf around the wreath.
  3. Pin it in place.
  4. Hang it on your front door!

Supplies needed for this DIY Winter Scarf Wreath

  • Long winter scarf.
  • Winter wreath form (floral foam wreath forms in 8″-10″ work best, but see more on that below)
  • Wreath Pins
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Step 1: Arrange the scarf so that one end is dangling over the front of the wreath as shown below. This is what your scarf should look like before you start wrapping.

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Keep in mind that the length you leave dangling will directly relate to how big of a wreath form you’re using (I wouldn’t use bigger than a 10″ wreath form for this project) and how long your scarf is (the longer the better.)

A great placed to find big, affordable scarves is at the thrift store! We found this big beautiful scarf for only $2.00!

Be sure to wrap the scarf snug, and to make sure you’re covering any gaps so the wreath form doesn’t show through.

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Step 2: When you’re finished wrapping and are satisfied with the placement of the scarf, it’s time to pin it into place!

A grapevine wreath is what I had on hand for this project, so it’s what I used. HOWEVER, you can get small floral foam wreaths at the dollar store, Walmart, Hobby Lobby etc, and they work better!

Simply press the pin between two wrapped sections and they will hold the scarf on the wreath! This will allow you to still use the scarf as a scarf without damaging it with cutting or glue.

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Step 3: Hang your wreath on a wreath hanger, and display it all winter long! It’s such a simple winter DIY project, and will look great on your front door!

Winter Scarf Wreath Variations:

  • Color. Change the color up to match your home or other winter decorations! Blues, whites/creams, and greys work great for winter decor!
  • Additions. Add a bow, or a sprig of evergreen, or even a pretty brooch for a different final product!
  • Sign. Add a sign with a cute winter message if you want to take your wreath to the next level!

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