20+ Disney Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Shannon Cairns

August 8, 2022


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Skip the carving this year and make one of these 20+ Disney Pumpkin Painting ideas! From Marvel and Star Wars to Toy Story and Disney Princesses, you’ll find ideas for everyone here!

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Carving pumpkins with little ones can be scary, and not in a good-Halloween-spooky way either!

We started painting pumpkins a few years ago, and everyone loves doing it! Outside of less mess, we also paint on fake pumpkins so I can save them as keepsakes year after year as my kids grow!

Whether you’re the type of person who likes pink Halloween decor, or who prefers more spooky Halloween decor, you can find a Disney character you’d like to turn into a pumpkin!

Scroll through this list to find ideas and inspiration, then put on one of your favorite Halloween movies from this list, and then get to painting!

How to make a Halloween Disney Pumpkin

Painting your own Disney pumpkin is as easy as choosing your favorite Disney character, and the painting a pumpkin to look like that character!

If you’re not artistic, you can make a character inspired pumpkin that uses colors from the character, and small details like a crown or a red rose to decorate it too!

Use the ideas below to see how you can turn a pumpkin into your very own Halloween Disney pumpkin!

Painting Pumpkins Tips

  • Paint. Most of these tutorials call for acrylic paint, which will be the best option!
  • Sealing. If you plan to have your pumpkin outdoors, be sure it’s sealed so the weather doesn’t destroy your masterpiece!
  • Pumpkin. Fake pumpkins will work best for painting pumpkins, but real ones can work too! Just keep in mind, if you use a real pumpkin your painting will have an expiration date!

Disney Pumpkin Painting Ideas

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