These DIY Turkey Crackers are so easy to make, and put a big smile on kids’ faces! Make these in a flash with just a few supplies this Thanksgiving!

These cute Turkey Crackers will be the easiest DIY you’ve ever done! They take only a few minutes and are budget-friendly (a six pack of these crackers are less than $1.50!)


             Gather your supplies!    You will need:   – Snack Cracker Packs    – Feathers   – Googly Eyes   – Orange Construction Paper


Open the crackers. We used the Austin brand from Walmart because it’s the only brand with no wording on the packaging.


Attach the feathers. We used regular tape and just taped on the feathers with a single piece of tape. Be sure the tape is adhered to every feather and the packaging securely.


Cut out small triangles from the construction paper and use a glue stick to attach the beak and googly eyes to your Turkey Crackers as shown below.


Once they’re all put together, this is what they will look like! My kids thought these were so cute!


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