Traeger Smoked Pulled Pork Recipe

Pulled pork is the perfect solution for easy weeknight meals. You can use this Traeger smoked pulled pork recipe to make a variety of different meals.


– Pork Butt – Paprika – Salt – Apple Cider Vinegar – Black Pepper – White Sugar – Garlic Powder – Olive Oil

Preheat the smoker to 225 degrees.

Place the pork butt on a baking sheet or clean surface and lather the entire thing, top to bottom, with olive oil.

Combine the garlic powder, sugar, paprika, pepper, and salt in a medium bowl and mix well.

 Sprinkle the seasoning mixture of the entire pork butt and be sure it’s rubbed in and covered evenly.

Do not unwrap the pork while it’s resting and cooling down. This allows it to reabsorb some fat and moisture, which means a great flavor and tender meat.