This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of ALL your monthly subscriptions (nobody’s taking my Netflix).  I guarantee there are one or two that you have either completely forgotten about, or could seriously do without.

CUT UP YOUR CREDIT CARDS You might think your credit cards are bringing you joy, but the aftermath of interest and debt are not doing you any favors! Spring clean your wallet and cut up your credit cards.  You purse will feel lighter, too!

ORGANIZE YOUR FINANCIAL RECORDS Make sure you keep important records like life insurance documents or your will in a safe, organized place.

CLEAR PAPER CLUTTER Decide on a “one touch system” for your mail to eliminate a forgotten bill or lost check! If you’re like our family, the kitchen counter can easily become a huge source of paper clutter! When you check the mail, try to open it immediately and put it where it goes.

Coupons?  Cut them out and put them in an envelope to use!  If you’re not going to use it, recycle bin it goes!

Catalogs?  If you’re going to keep them to browse, make sure you recycle any old ones and replace them with the new ones on the coffee table. 

ELIMINATE PAPER COMPLETELY Try to sign up for e-statements now, so you don’t need to worry about controlling paper clutter later. Do you own a small business and are worried about keeping up with receipts? Try using a book keeping system like Freshbooks that allows you to upload your receipts and toss them after!

DE CLUTTER YOUR HOME AND EARN CASH Now that you’ve cleaned up your money and financial documents, let’s make some money by clearing the rest of your clutter!

Boost your emergency fund or pay off debt by hosting a garage sale, selling clothing on Poshmark, or offloading your stuff on Letgo.