Free Thanksgiving Printable Coloring Page

Is there anything better than a free Thanksgiving coloring page printable that ALSO doubles as a place mat for the kids?  I think not! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! 

I love that it’s not so much about the decorations or gifts.  It’s really just celebrating family time, football, and food!

The three F’s are certainly enough to entertain the adults, but the kids are pretty much checked out after the parade, and wondering when it’s time to start counting down to Santa.

Our family is full of artists and art teachers, so you better believe we always had a craft project.

I have very fond memories of making ornaments, headdresses, corn husk dolls, and other creative projects.

I love anything I can make for y’all for free, that will help you have more holiday fun, on a budget. That’s why I’m obsessed with this darling little free Thanksgiving coloring page printable.

This coloring page placemat is perfect to keep the kids entertained while you cook the turkey, and watch football in peace.

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