DIY Santa Hand Sanitizer Gift

Make this adorable DIY Santa Hand Sanitizer gift this holiday season for a healthy new year! The free printable tag makes hand sanitizer a cute Christmas gift!

If you need a quick gift, or an affordable gift you can make several of, this is such a fun way to do it! This hand sanitizer Christmas gift is so easy to put together and the tags are free to print!

- Hand Sanitizer - Cardstock - Scissors - Hole Punch - Printable DIY Santa Hand Sanitizer Gift Tags

You will need:

Gather your supplies.


Print out your hand sanitizer Christmas gift tags. This is what it will look like when you print them out. They print six-to-a-page, so keep that in mind if you need multiple.



Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut along the outside of the black outline of the Santa shape.


Punch a hole in your santa tags. Once your tags are all cut out, you can use a hole punch to make a hole in the tag so you can attach it to your hand sanitizer.

Attach your tags to the hand sanitizer. Use curling ribbon (or any kind of twine or ribbon, this is just what I had on hand) to attach your tags to your hand sanitizer.


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