DIY Christmas Kleenex Gift

This DIY Christmas Kleenex gift is such an easy last-minute gift idea this year! The free printable tags turn this simple box of tissues into a cute gift for neighbors, teachers, and more!

This Christmas Kleenex gift is super simple to put together, and would work great for a lot of different occasions!

- Cardstock - Scissors - Hole Punch - Ribbon - Printable DIY Christmas Kleenex Gift Tags

You will need:

Print out your gift tags. This is what these DIY Christmas Kleenex gift tags will look like when you print them out. They print six-to-a-page, so keep that in mind if you need multiple.


Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut along the outside of the green circle.



Punch a hole in the DIY christmas gift tags. The tags read, “We tissue a Merry Christmas!” and are the perfect holiday pun!


Attach the tags to your DIY christmas kleenex gift. String some matching curling ribbon and cut a small piece to attach your tags.

Use regular tape, or washi tape (I always have washi tape on hand) and attach it directly to your box of Christmas Kleenexes!


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