12 Tips To Help You Stop Wasting Food at Home and Save Money

No matter how frugal you are, I guarantee you end up throwing out a portion of your food away each year, which equates to tossing cash in the trash!

Pay attention to dates

If you see something in your fridge or cabinet that is past its date, then be sure to check it and use your best judgment because, more than likely, it is still good to eat.

Freeze food

The best way to combat the problem of perishable fruits and vegetables is to freeze them!

Start a garden

If you grow your own, you only have to pick what you need from the herb plant, and it is fresh!


To really reduce your food waste, you have to pay attention to what you buy first and what you use first.

Pickling and preserving

You can freeze some of your perishable products to keep them from going bad, but you can also pickle, can, or ferment them!

There are so many ways you can do your part and reduce your food waste at home, with the best perk, saving money!