Tracing Paper Printable Worksheets for Kids

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Tracing paper printables are a fun way to practice fine motor skills for young children! Here you’ll find alphabet worksheets to work on letter formation, as well as number tracing worksheets to help and inspire your little learners.

Free Tracing Practice Printables displayed
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Make sure to grab some dry erase pockets to add your tracing sheets to, so you can print once and use again and again! It saves money, time, and paper when you use your free printable tracing worksheets this way.

How to Use Tracing Paper Printables

Print and use your tracing practice page to help little writers learn their letters of the alphabet, create alphabet books for reading practice, or use as preschool worksheets.

Tracing paper printables are a great activity in the summer for young students, and also make the perfect screen time break! You can also use these printable worksheets in your homeschool lesson plans, or as a way to increase kindergarten readiness before your little one attends school.

For best results, download the PDF format to your computer and print at home using any brand of inkjet printers or other home printer. You can print these at home for personal use as many times as you need.

Supplies Needed for Tracing Paper Printables

  • Printer Paper
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Writing Utensil (pencils, crayons, or markers)
  • Dry Erase Markers (optional)
  • Free Printable Tracing Practice Booklet (Fill out the form below)
Free Tracing Paper Printables
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What’s Included in this Free Packet of Tracing Paper Printables?

This fun free tracing paper printable pack includes a variety of easy activities for small children to learn and enjoy!

  • Upper Case Alphabet Letters Tracing Printables
  • Lower Case Letters Printable Alphabet Practice
  • Days of the Week Printable Tracing Worksheets
  • Picture Tracing Printables
  • Line Tracing Printables

Upper Case and Lower Case Alphabet Letters

Writing letters and numbers, tracing words, and connecting dotted lines are so much fun for young kids! Your children will love printing out their very own practice paper booklet and improving their handwriting every day.

Preview of uppercase and lowercase tracing paper practice for kids.
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Tracing letters is a great way to help your little ones prepare for reading and writing! In this pack of tracing paper printables, your kids will be able to trace their Uppercase letters, as well as lowercase letters and be ready for school in no time.

Each letter of the alphabet printable has the accompanying lowercase version of the letter next to it. Your kids will learn to associate them together with ease!

Days of the Week Tracing Worksheets

You will also be able to help them learn simple facts like the days of the week with the included printable. You can have your child sit down on each day and practice tracing the current day of the week so they don’t get overwhelmed by trying to learn them all at once!

Preview of days of the week tracing paper printable with the word Monday written on it and instructions stating Trace the Day of the Week.
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Picture Tracing Printables

If your kids love to draw, they can perfect their skills by using the picture tracing printables included in the pack. Let them trace the pictures and then color them as a fun way to celebrate their new found skills.

Preview of the picture tracing printables with shapes to practice tracing including a heart, star, arrow, square, and circle with instructions stating Trace the Pictures.
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Line Tracing Printables

Tracing lines is a simple way to help develop little hands to be able to hold a pencil correctly and eventually form letters.

Whatever your goals are for your little learners, these free tracing paper printables are the perfect activity to do at home!

Preview of dotted line tracing printable with instructions that state to Trace the Lines, and 4 dotted lines to practice tracing.
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Editable Name Tracing Worksheets

You can also use this editable Canva template to create your own Name Tracing Worksheets! Canva is easy (and free) to use.

Download Free Editable Canva Name Tracing Worksheet here.

Fun Ways to Use Your Free Tracing Paper Printables

There are several different ways that you can use your tracing worksheets in and around your home!

  • Homeschool: Use this helpful tracing paper packet as a free resource in your early childhood homeschooling adventure.
  • Preschool: If you’re a preschool or pre-K teacher, these free printables will come in handy in a planning pinch!
  • Kindergarten Readiness: Not sure if your child is ready for Kindergarten quite yet? Use these free printables to work on their letters and numbers before they head off to the first day of school.
  • Boredom Busters: Decrease screen time in the summer or on school breaks by printing out these fun and helpful packets for your kids to use! This can also help prevent the “summer slide” when kids tend to forget things that they learn during the school year.

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Looking for more free printable worksheets for your little learners? Check out this free printable bubble numbers and letters packet here!

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