28 Cheap or Free Things to Do in February with Family

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Looking for cheap or free things to do with your family in February? These kid and budget friendly activities will keep you busy, even if you’re stuck indoors!

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February can bring a lot of challenges when you’re trying to keep busy or find activities that your whole family will enjoy. It’s cold, the weather is crazy, and you’re probably getting cabin fever and looking forward to warmer spring days.

Don’t lose hope! You can find fun family activities to do indoors during these final cold winter months. The best thing you can do is plan ahead, and look for the joy in the simple things!

This list of 28 things to do in February will keep your kids and family busy and creative, even if you’re on a tight budget.

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    28 Fun, Family Friendly Activities to do in February

    Cook for your friends, family, or neighbors

    Whip up a batch of these fun heart shaped pop tarts, or a delicious comfort meal like this popular mac and cheese that tastes just like Chick Fil A.

    Your friends and family will appreciate the loving gesture, and cooking together is a fun and budget friendly family activity.

    Celebrate Groundhog Day

    Groundhog Day is a great excuse for a family movie night to watch the Bill Murray film (one of my faves, if age appropriate). I’m sure it will be on for free all day depending on which streaming service or TV provider you use so check your local listings before purchasing!

    You can also check out this fun list of 7 ways to celebrate GroundHog Day at home.

    Mail Valentine’s

    Of course, we need to get some fun Valentine’s in the mail to all of our friends and family. Check out the dollar store for affordable valentines, or DIY your own using construction paper and whatever craft supplies you have at home.

    Wear Red for Heart Disease Awareness Day

    This is an easy thing to do to remind our friends and family about the importance of taking care of our cardiovascular health.

    Wear red, research, give, or go on a family walk to make a healthy decision as a family together.

    Make a Nutella Treat for National Nutella Day

    Did someone say heart shaped waffles and Nutella for breakfast? Grab this super cute heart shaped waffle maker and surprise the kids with a fun breakfast treat!

    Serve with side of fruit or bacon and eggs, and you have the perfect heart shaped Nutella breakfast.

    Do a Valentine’s Craft

    Craft projects are always a favorite around our house on days when it’s too cold to do much else! You’ll love these easy craft project ideas for Valentine’s Day here.

    And if you enjoy doing craft projects yourself, here are some adult craft ideas for V-Day. Which one will you try?

    Read a Valentine Themed Book

    Include a fun Valentine book in your kid’s V-Day basket of treats and dig in to some good family reading time! Here are a few really cute Valentine books for kids.

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    Host a Valentine’s Day Brunch or Play Date

    Any holiday is a great excuse to get friends and family together, and Valentine’s Day is no exception! Gather your friends and family members for all the heart shaped food and pink drink ideas.

    Check out this list of 11 foods you can make heart shaped for ideas.

    Make Heart Shaped Pizza for National Pizza Day.

    Did you know there was a National Pizza day? I’m not surprised, because it seems like every day is some kind of theme now!

    How fun would it be to host a family pizza party night and make your pizzas from scratch? Check out this post for a fun homemade pizza recipe and tips.

    Take a Winter Road Trip

    Road trips don’t have to be expensive. It could be a short trip to visit a friend, a trek out to the woods for camping, or a special night in a local Air BnB for a change of scenery!

    We love a good family road trip when we are in need of short and frugal get a way.

    Have a Dance Party

    If you have an “Alexa” device, a cell phone with Spotify, or access to Youtube videos, you can easily find some fun tunes for a family dance party. Not only is this a fun indoor activity, but you’ll get some exercise too!

    Create a DIY Floral Arrangement or Wreath

    Make a fun floral arrangement with flowers from your garden or the grocery store, or DIY a fun Valentine or spring wreath.

    Learn to Say “Love” in Five Languages

    Learning a new language can be fun! Here are 10 different ways to say “I love you”, and ways to say “love” in other languages that you can check out today.

    Celebrate Valentine’s Day

    You don’t have to spend a ton of money to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with your family! Here are a few fun things you can do together:

    • Watch movies
    • Make s’mores
    • Create an at home spa day
    • Set up an ice cream sundae bar
    • Cook dinner together

    It’s easy and fun to celebrate holidays at home on the cheap!

    Take a Winter Hike

    Going on a hike, or even a simple family walk is a budget friendly way to get outdoors even when it’s cold! Bundle up and enjoy some screen free family time together.

    Make a Mug of Decadent Hot Chocolate

    Making hot chocolate is one of our favorite things to do as soon as the weather turns cold. Grab some simple packets of “Swiss Miss” from the grocery store, or get creative with this homemade pink hot chocolate recipe.

    Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

    You know what they say, it costs ZERO dollars to be KIND to others ūüôā Check out this list of 101 of the Best random acts of kindness and choose a few to implement on Random Acts of Kindness Day.

    Make a Snow globe

    A fun and simple craft project like making a snow globe is a creative way to spend a cold day indoors! Check out this easy tutorial here.

    Show Love in Small Ways

    These 65 ways to show love through acts of service are the perfect little ways to show your friends, kids, and family that you love and cherish them this month!

    Write a Love Note

    Share a special love note with your friends and family to show them how much you care! I also love this heart affirmation idea for the kid’s doors here.

    Free Printable: February To Do List + Planner

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      Learn about President’s Day

      Do you and/or your kids know the history behind President’s Day? Learn together with this helpful guide!

      Visit a Winter Farmer’s Market

      If the weather is mild enough, try visiting a farmer’s market to see what different fruits and vegetables are available in the winter months.

      Decide on Something to Declutter

      Get a head start on your spring cleaning with one of these fun and easy decluttering challenges.

      Make a Bird Feeder

      Another easy indoor craft idea is to make a bird feeder so you can be ready for spring bird watching! Here is a really cute heart shaped bird feeder tutorial.

      Create a Chocolate Fondue Station

      Throw a family friendly chocolate fondue party for one of your Valentine celebrations this month! Here’s an easy tutorial for a kid friendly fondue party.

      Enjoy a Rom-Com Family Movie Night

      February is the perfect month to bust out your favorite family friendly “rom-com”. Might I suggest “Father of the Bride” which is my favorite!

      Bake Heart Shaped Brownies

      Making heart shaped brownies is easy and fun! Whip up a batch of these heart shaped brownies to give as valentine’s or pass out at your kid’s class parties.

      Build a Blanket Fort Indoors

      Is there any better indoor activity than building the ultimate blanket fort? Grab your kids and all the blankets you can find for a family friendly activity everyone will love!

      There are plenty of fun, cheap, and free family friendly activities to participate in during February. Which ones will you do with your kids this month? Let me know in the comments!

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