20+ Snow Ice Cream Recipes

Shannon Cairns

December 10, 2022


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If you got some some snow (or will soon!) these snow ice cream recipes are exactly what you need! Find a ton of flavors and methods!

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Snow ice cream is one of our favorite things to make when we get snow! It’s quick and easy, and each kid gets to customize their flavors and toppings!

Snow cream is great because you make it and eat it right away, so you never have to worry about freezer burn!

What is snow ice cream?

Snow ice cream is a cold dessert resembling regular ice cream, but is made with snow as the base ingredient. It it’s as thick as traditional ice cream, and has a different texture, but doesn’t require churning.

What’s the best recipe for snow ice cream?

Making snow ice cream usually has a simple list of ingredients:

  • Snow (fresh is best!)
  • Sugar (white is most common, but check out the brown sugar recipe below too!)
  • Cream (milk, heavy cream, condensed milk etc…)
  • Salt

Tips for Making Snow Ice Cream

  • Snow. Fresh snow works best, but if it’s too powdery it won’t mix as well.
  • Flavors. Mix up the flavors by following one of the recipes below, or by using them as inspiration to make your own flavors!
  • Add-Ins. Add sprinkles, bits of candy, chocolate chips and more to make your snow cream recipe perfect!
  • Work Quickly. Your snow will melt quickly in your nice, warm house! Don’t overmix and turn your snow cream into a watery mess!

Can I store my snow cream in the freezer for later?

Because of the high water content in snow ice cream, it won’t freeze well. It will harden, much like if you were to put a snow cone or a slushy in the freezer. It’s best made and eaten immediately.

Snow Ice Cream Recipes

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