15+ Easy & Delicious Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes

Shannon Cairns

August 25, 2021


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Wondering what to do with leftover Halloween candy? Our family always has gobs of leftover Halloween candy lying around for months after the holiday has already come and gone.

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If you have young ones who love to go trick-or-treating, you know how easy it is to suddenly find yourself completely overrun in candy. Your kids may prefer that you just stay out of their hard-earned candy stash, but if you get tired of watching them ping off the walls on a constant sugar high, it might be time to put some of that candy to better use.

These yummy treats will offer you some amazing ideas for using up large batches of candy. And these treats are so delicious and easy to make, you may find that your kids are more willing to volunteer some of their candy to the cause!

Your kids may even be happy to do the baking for you. And sure – you’re trading sugar treats for sugar treats, but at least this way you won’t be finding old Halloween candy stuck to the carpet in the back of your kids’ closets sometime next Summer!

Or at least, you’ll find less of it.

Yummy Treats Made From Leftover Halloween Candy

  1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Kit Kat Crunch Bars – Averie Cooks

If you can’t resist chocolate and peanut butter together, you need to know about these no-bake bars. Not only are the bars completely irresistible, they are topped with Kit Kat candy bars. Crunchy, sweet, and creamy, you better make a double batch of these!

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  1. Ultimate Reese’s Brownies – Crazy For Crust

If you are overrun in Reese’s candy, this is the brownie recipe for you. These brownies are stuffed with three kinds of Reese’s. Because when it comes to peanut butter and chocolate, there is no such thing as “too much”!

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  1. Snickers Cookie Bars – Baked Bree

The coolest thing about these cookie bars is how flexible they are. Buttery, moist, and mouth-watering, they are the perfect base for almost any leftover candy you want to use up – from Snickers to Skittles.

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  1. Leftover Halloween Candy Cookie Dough – The Baker Mama

If you don’t have enough of one kind of leftover candy to suit any one recipe, these cookies are the perfect solution. This cookie dough recipe combines wonderfully with just about any candy – allowing you to use up lots of random candy in one great way. Best of all, this dough is designed to be frozen, so you can whip it up and then store it away until you are ready for cookies!

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  1. Leftover Halloween Candy Bark – Brown Eyed Baker

Candy Bark is one of the easiest ways to use up your favorite leftover candy. Simply chop up your candy into small pieces and mix it up with peanuts or any other salty snacks you have on hand. Combine it all together with some melted chocolate, let it cool, and break it into random chunks of deliciousness!

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  1. Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownies – Cookies and Cups

Some of us love peanut butter cookie dough even better than the cookies. Throw a brownie into the mix and you’re talking about the dessert of dreams! These are awesome any time of year, but that super cute spider on top makes these perfect for Halloween. Or Christmas, if your family is unique!

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  1. Candy Corn and White Chocolate Softbatch Cookies – Averie Cooks

Candy corn is something that people either love or hate. But when combined with white chocolate chips and packed into cookies, candy corn might just become everyone’s favorite Halloween treat!

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  1. Monster Cookie Bars – Crazy For Crust

One of the most delicious things you can add to a dessert bar is a big pile of M&Ms. Their crunchy chocolatey goodness fits in pretty much anywhere, and these dessert cookie bars are the perfect example. Your little Halloween monsters will gobble these up!

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  1. Heath Bar Cookies – Baked Bree

Heath bars are simply amazing. English toffee covered with chocolate – it’s hard to imagine having any of these leftover from Halloween. But if you have some, crushing them up and adding them into this amazing cookie recipe is one of the best ways to use them. I dare you to resist these cookies!

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  1. 100 Grand Krispy Treat Bark – The Domestic Rebel

The 100 Grand Bar is a scrumptious combination of chocolate, caramel, and crispy rice. When you break them up into this Krispy Treat Bark, it’s like the perfect marriage you never knew was possible. It’s a good thing these are so easy to make because your family is certain to want more!

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  1. Pumpkin Butterfinger Blondies – The Frugal Foodie Mama

You may not think of pumpkin and Butterfingers as a natural combination, but you’ll change your mind when you taste these moist and delicious blondies. Serve them to friends and watch them smile!

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  1. Peanut Butter Nutella Candy Bar Brownie – How Sweet Eats

You might think that it doesn’t get much better than a pile of assorted chocolate candy bars, but combine them with a brownie and cover them in chocolate icing and you have a rich, intoxicating dessert to share with friends. You’ll need some vanilla ice cream with all these chocolate, for sure!

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  1. Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Butterfinger Bars – Averie Cooks

For peanut butter lovers, Butterfinger bars are already a crispy dream come true. It’s hard to believe that they can get even better, but when you taste all that Butterfinger goodness in these chewy bars, you’ll never want them any other way again!

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  1. Butterfinger Fudge – Crazy For Crust

The unique flavor of Butterfinger bars is unbelieveable when you turn it into a creamy fudge. Drizzled with chocolate, these little squares of goodness are downright irresistible!

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  1. Reese’s Cheesecake Bars – Baked Bree

The sweet and creamy goodness of cheesecake combines beautifully with all kinds of other sweet flavors – from fruit to chocolate to peanut butter. So when you make cheesecake bars, add some Reese’s pieces and chocolate, you have a treat that will simply make your mouth water with every bite!

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