The Best Grocery Items to Stockpile During Holiday Sales

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You probably already know that the holidays are a great time to score the best deals on toys, electronics, and every other category of gift that you can imagine! Did you also know that the holiday season is a great time to stockpile some of your favorite grocery items to fill up your fridge or pantry?

During the holidays, grocery stores will start pricing some grocery items on sale at the lowest price point of the year! These are items that you can use to cook with all year, not just during the holidays.

If you’re looking to save big on your groceries, then stockpiling these items can save you a ton of money! Here are the best grocery items to stockpile during holiday sales.

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    10 Best Grocery Items to Stock Up on During the Holidays


    As people start their holiday baking, you can expect the price of butter to go on sale! Butter freezes well, so don’t be afraid to put some in your freezer.


    From pie crusts to homemade cookies, flour is going to be on sale this time of year! Flour has a long shelf life, so don’t be afraid to stock up.

    Baking Mixes

    Keep your eye out for baking mixes that will hit their rock bottom price point. These will drop below a dollar, and the seasonal varieties will go for even less if you wait until the holiday has passed.

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    Ham and Turkey

    What are people eating during Thanksgiving and Christmas? Turkey and Ham! This means that if you want to save big on your meats, buy a few extra to keep in the freezer.

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    Potatoes including baking and sweet potatoes are going to hit their lowest price point during this time of year! If you keep them in a dark and cool room, they can last for three months or longer!

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    Canned Milk

    Evaporated milk and condensed milk are two staples in many holiday baking recipes! If you take advantage of these sales, you can fill your pantry with emergency milk supplies or extra baking milk for later in the year.

    Holiday Candy

    What stores call holiday candy can sometimes just be any normal candy with a Christmas or special seasonal bag. This means you can get things like M&Ms or even Hershey Kisses for so cheap! Stock up on holiday candy to enjoy all year or last you until next season.

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    Canned Pumpkin

    Not only is canned pumpkin hard to come by during the rest of the year, but it’s also extremely hard to find it at a good price! Stock up during pumpkin pie season now and save some while it’s at a rock bottom price to bake with during the rest of the year.

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    If making your own dough from scratch issn’t your thing, then stock up on the premade stuff! You can get biscuit, pie, cookie, and many other kinds of premade dough for BOGO or even less if it’s holiday themed! These freeze beautifully so take advantage.

    Cooking and Baking Spray

    It might feel like that can of Pam will last a lifetime, but when you’re baking a lot more than usual, it will run out far sooner than you’re expecting! Go ahead and pick up a few extra cans of it to last you the year.

    In order to save money, taking advantage of rock bottom prices and stocking up is something we all have to do. So figure out how much your family will use and stock up!

    Shelf stable items are always a good idea to stock up on when you see that they are on sale! Saving money on groceries, even for large families, is possible…especially when you learn to take advantage of holiday sales!

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