Free Printable Easter Bunny Footprints

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These free printable Easter bunny footprints are a fun way to surprise your kids on Easter morning! Leave a little bunny trail to their Easter baskets filled with Easter eggs by grabbing these free printables.

This image shows a preview of the free printable Easter bunny footprints that you can get on my blog.
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If you’re looking for a free printable template to create cute Easter bunny footprints on this holiday season, you’ll love these! Leaving magical footprints for your kids to find is such a fun tradition to start with your family.

We are also including some fun ideas for how to use your Easter bunny feet, so make sure you grab the free template below to get started!

You can use the free bunny footprint template as a printable bunny paw print, or cut holes and use as an Easter bunny footprint stencil and add white powder to add a fun trail from the front door! It all depends on the level of mess you can tolerate!

Don’t forget to grab your free printable Easter Bunny letter too!

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Free Printable Easter Bunny Footprints

These Easter bunny paw print templates are free for personal use! Simply fill out the form near the bottom of this post with your best email address, and you will receive a digital file as an instant download to your inbox!

Once you have your Easter bunny footprint template in your email, it’s simple to access the PDF format and print it out as many times as you need.

There are even different styles to choose from, so you can pick your favorite bunny paw prints.

This image shows a preview of the free printable Easter bunny footprints that you can get on my blog.
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Supplies Needed

  • Color printer
  • White Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Baby powder (if using as a stencil)
  • Free Printable Easter Bunny Footprints PDF File plus SVG file (Fill out the form below!)
Free Printable Easter Bunny Footprints
Fill out the form below and your printable will be sent to your inbox!
Thank you! Check your email for your freebie!

How to Make DIY Easter Bunny Tracks

Leaving a trail of footprints from the Easter bunny is such a fun thrill for younger kids (and older kids alike)! Keep the Easter fun alive by using the free printable Easter bunny footprints as a stencil template.

Simply cut out the holes for the pads of the Easter bunny’s paws, and sprinkle flour or baby powder to create the paw prints.

You can also use the templates to make your own footprint art using sidewalk chalk to create a bunny trail! Just make sure to use high quality card stock so it’s easier to use the as a stencil.

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Fun Easter Ideas for these Free Printable Easter Bunny Footprints

  • Bunny Footprint Trail: Leave a trail of bunny footprints straight to the Easter candy to help your kids find their baskets on Easter morning! You can even leave little notes along the way and turn the footprint trail into the ultimate scavenger hunts!
  • Easy Easter Craft: Easter activities don’t need to be difficult or complicated. You can make some seriously fun Easter crafts using these bunny feet. Let your creative little ones use the printable bunny feet as a jumping off point for their creations, and if you need more inspiration, this post has 40 Easy Easter bunny crafts your kids will love!
  • Easter Decorations: These free printable bunny feet are the perfect way to decorate bulletin boards in your classroom or at home to ring in the Easter season. You can even cut out the bunny feet and make an adorable footprint banner!
  • Coloring Pages: Print off the bunny feet and use them as simple coloring pages or an easy craft idea for small children. Coloring pages always make a great keepsake!
  • Easter party: If Easter is one of your favorite holidays, throw an Easter party for your friends or as a playdate for toddlers! Lay out the construction paper, printable bunny footprints, and crayons and you have everything you need to make some creative Easter bunny crafts. Follow up your arts and craft time with an Easter egg hunt and everyone will have so much fun!
This image shows a preview of the free printable Easter bunny footprints that you can get on my blog.
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How to Use the Printable Bunny Feet Template with your Cricut Machine

You can also use this Easter template with your Cricut machine or other paper cutting machine You just need to have the SVG files ready to go!

For your convenience, I’ve also included the SVG format for the bunny prints so the hard work is already done for you! You can probably find something similar in Cricut design space as well, however often there is a monthly fee or charge to use their templates.

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If you’re looking for free printable Easter bunny footprints to surprise your littlest Easter bunnies this year, then look no further! I’m always so happy to create these easy to use free printables for you and your family to enjoy!

The free printable Easter bunny footprints are easy to use, simply fill out the form above with your best email address to receive the download right away!

You are sure to have a fun Easter activity that everyone in your family will enjoy once you grab these free bunny footprints. Make sure you also check out these adorable free printable Easter gift tags, free Easter bunny letter, and this sweet Easter story craft for Sunday School here.

I create free printables every week for you to use, so make sure to check back often! Also, let me know in the comments how you used your free printable Easter bunny footprints.

Make sure you check out more free Easter printables on our blog below:

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