Free Printable Cake Cutting Guide

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If you love to host parties, family gatherings, or always find yourself baking, you’ll love having this free printable cake cutting guide handy! Add this guide to your recipe book or keep it on your fridge or pantry so you always know the best way to cut a cake of any size or shape.

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Are you always wondering how many cake slices you can get out of your cake? The number of servings can change based on the size of the cake, whether it’s a round cake or sheet cake, and of course how big is a usual serving size.

You will love having this printable cake cutting guide at your fingertips, because it will help you get the most out of your cake! Whether you’re cutting a wedding cake, square cakes, or other party cakes, you’ll get the best results using this printable.

How to Use this Free Printable Cake Cutting Guide

This printable cake cutting guide is easy to use! Simply look at the different sizes of cakes and select the cake that most resembles the one you are planning to serve to your guests. Now you’ll have enough cake for your number of guests, without all the fuss!

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If you’re a home baker, you’ll be so glad you have these cake diagrams to help you cut your different cake sizes like a professional baker!

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Supplies Needed

  • Good quality paper
  • Color printer
  • Cake board
  • Knife or Cake Cutter
  • Paper towels (to wipe frosting as needed)
  • Free Cake Cutting Guide Printable Files (fill out the form below!)
Free Printable Cake Cutting Guide
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Following these guide templates will ensure that each guest receives a generous portion so your delicious cake recipe will go a long way!

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How many people will my cake serve?

The number of guests you can serve and number of slices you will get from your cake depends on the size. Use this quick reference PDF file format cake cutting guide to make slicing your cake the easiest thing you’ve ever done!

The free printable cake cutting guide includes the following information along with easy to follow diagrams showing you exactly how to slice it.

For round and square tiered cakes, make sure you separate each layer of cake before slicing.

This image shows a preview of both pages of the free printable cake cutting guide.
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Round Cakes

  • 4 inch round cake- Serves 6 guests
  • 5 inch round cake- Serves 8 guests
  • 6 inch round cake- Serves 12 guests
  • 7 inch round cake- Serves 16 guests
  • 8 inch round cake- Serves 24 guests
  • 9 inch round cake- Serves 32 guests
  • 10 inch round cake- Serves 38 guests
  • 11 inch round cake- Serves 46 guests
  • 12 inch round cake- Serves 56 guests
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Square Cakes

  • 4 inch square cake- Serves 8 guests
  • 6 inch square cake- Serves 18 guests
  • 8 inch square cake- Serves 32 guests
  • 9 inch square cake- Serves 40 guests
  • 10 inch square cake- Serves 50 guests
  • 12 inch square cake- Serves 72 guests

Sheet Cakes

  • 12 inch sheet cake- Serves 72 guests
  • 9×13 inch sheet cake- Serves 54 guests
  • 12×18 inch sheet cake- Serves 54 guests
  • 14×22 inch sheet cake- Serves 154 guests
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Cake Cutting Tips and Tricks

Use these simple suggestions to get the most out of your printable cake cutting guide! More amazing cake cutting tips here!

  • Use a long, thin serrated knife to cut each slice of cake evenly and without fuss.
  • If the cake is dense, warm your knife under hot water to make the knife cut through with ease.
  • Frosting can cause some struggling when slicing your cake, so have a paper towel handy to wipe away the excess frosting between each slice.
  • It will be easier to cut your cake if it is chilled before eating! Once cake is at room temperature it makes it slightly more difficult to cut, so slice your cake quickly after removing from the fridge.
  • The size of your cake slices will depend on the shape and number of guests, however a 2-inch slice for a child up to a 3 to 4-inch slice for an adult is usually appropriate.
  • Make sure to move any obstacles, like the cake topper from the cake before you get started.
  • If the cake is a layer cake, make sure you separate each layer before slicing the cake. You can have wax sheets available to place each layer on while waiting to slice them.
  • Always remove the cake from a cake pan before trying to slice it. It will also be easier to frost and decorate when it’s not hiding away inside a pan.
This image shows a preview of both pages of the free printable cake cutting guide.
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It’s a piece of cake! Now you are a baking pro and the hostess with the most-ess. You’ll always know exactly what size and shape of cake to select for your guests, and your friends and family will know they are getting a beautiful, generous size slice of cake at all your gatherings.

I love to create fun printables to help you organize your kitchen, home, and whatever else you need!

Make sure to check back often because I’m always creating something new and exciting.

Fill out the form above to get your free printable cake cutting guide, and let me know if it helps you slice the most perfect number of cake slices at your next party or gathering!

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