9 Easy Money Saving Challenge Ideas

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Saving money is hard y’all.

I’m not here to lie to you.  Even if you make a great income, it can be difficult to stay on a budget and control your spending. 

If you want to put money away to secure your future, you need to learn this valuable skill.

The good thing is that saving is actually quite simple!  It’s really more about changing your behavior than it is about math.

If you aren’t good at saving up for a purchase or emergency, you might be tempted to reach for the credit card when something comes up.

80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, which means they most likely aren’t saving!

Much like losing weight, or starting any new habit, learning how to save takes dedication and practice.

For starters, you need a budget!  You have to tell your money where to go each month, or you just won’t have anything left over to save.

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If you have a lot of debt, your first goal should be to save a small emergency fund of 00A money saving challenge is a great way to start tackling this!

It might not seem like a lot of money to save, but if you’ve never done a budget, or you’re behind on your bills, it will be tougher than you think.

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Don’t try to save a huge amount the first few months if you’ve never been able to save a dime!  I want you to avoid frustration so you don’t give up all together!

Try one of these easy money saving challenges, and start to make saving a part of your budget and your life.

9 Easy Money Saving Challenge Ideas

This money saving mom of six has 3 different versions of a printable 52 week money saving challenge for you!

Andrea shows you how to easily save $1,378 by saving a little bit each week, in her 52 week challenge!

Love this realistic money saving challenge for smaller budgets!

Turn pennies into over $600 bucks with this simple challenge.

These adorable printables will motivate you to start your 52 week saving challenge right away!

Feeling super motivated?  This challenge will help you save $5000, and some excellent ideas for how to cut back on expenses.

Go ahead and save yourself another 5K with these helpful tips!

If you’re feeling really committed, jump in to this FREE 5 day email course on how to save more and spend less!

Money Saving Challenges
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These money saving challenges will show you little ways to make small changes that add up over time to big chunks of cash.

Which easy money saving challenge will you try?  Let me know in the comments!

Don’t forget to join my free 5 day challenge to cut your expenses and boost your bank account by the end of the week!

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