DIY Stocking Holders & Stands (with and without a mantle)

Shannon Cairns

December 14, 2021


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Stocking holders and stands can be expensive if you’re not looking to spend too much. These easy stocking holders and the stands that I’ll share with you today are not only very simple, but you can also find these items at your local home depot too (or even at your own house!).

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Today I am sharing with you these uncomplicated and budget-friendly DIY Christmas stocking holders that you can display in your home. If you’re tired of seeing your stockings next to the fireplace all the time and want something new to showcase the stockings you’ve got then this is perfect for you.

Also, not all homes have fireplaces, and hanging the stockings by the chimney doesn’t always sound like an easy feat so it’s best to have alternatives to these kinds of things!

Holiday decor can cost a lot and for some of you who don’t like to splurge too much for items that you’ll only use once a year, crafting your own Christmas stocking hanger is a lifesaver.

Here are 5 ideas on how you can utilize your stockings with these DIY stocking holders and stands with or without a mantle!

Picture Board

Do you have an old board laying by your house? With that in your hands, some photo clips, and a few hooks, you can create a wall mounted mantel as an alternative! It even doubles as a cute little spot to put in family photos or some keys when the holiday ends.

Going Down the Ladder

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Old wooden ladders can be turned into a place to hang your stockings if you’re going for that eccentric look. Place some ornaments and garnish it with some decorations and it’ll look like a Christmas fairytale after!

Whipping Up Presents

Looking at that old and inexpensive coat rack that you have at home that you’re thinking about throwing away? Get some red paint you have laying around, spray that old thing and the result is a cute little place for your stockings beside the Christmas tree.

Inching Down the Stairs

You might be sad that you don’t have a mantel at home but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your stockings out. A beautiful banister is perfect with some poinsettias and green ornaments!

Branches All Around

One of my favorite inexpensive idea for stocking holders and stands are looking for medium sized branches laying outside your house, screwing two small circle hooks in the top and bottom, attach a yarn, then hand it to your ceiling or wall with some Christmas decor. Simple, but very effective!

Now you have your finished DIY projects for this month! All you have to do now is hang the stockings and you’ll have a wonderful addition to your Christmas decors at home. You can even match the trinkets with your Christmas tree for that cohesive look.

Whether it be wall-mounted stocking holders, using curtain rods, wooden boxes, or whatever you have at home, that can be achieved. Most of the stuff you have at your disposal isn’t all useless because they make for great DIY stocking hangers.

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What do you think? This project is totally doable even if you’re a newbie to DIY projects! Don’t forget to let me know how this goes for you.

DIY Christmas Stocking Holders & Stands

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